Treat Dad to Gawang Pinoy Products


Thinking of what to get your dad this Father’s Day? Why not give him some gawang Pinoy products for a change? 

Kultura offers a wide selection of locally-made products that you can give as presents for special occasions. Visit their shop or their website to see what they have. Here are just a few Father’s Day gift ideas to get you started. 

Get him some cool Pinoy shirts

Give him some cool tees for Father’s Day. Comfortable shirts with fun, Pinoy-themed prints would be great as gifts. 


This Philippine Jeepney graphic tee in gray has a nice, neutral color with a vivid felt print, making it an easy go-to shirt for daily wear. 

Looking for something a little more unique? A graphic tee with San Miguel beer and pulutan print is perfect, especially if your dad enjoys this famous Pinoy street food and drink. If your dad is the more laid-back type or maybe works long hours, he deserves this Take a Break shirt.

Get him fine barongs for special occasions

Find the perfect formal wear for your dad. Choose the best barong Tagalog for him to wear on special occasions. 


A traditional cocoon silk barong is an excellent choice. Because of its classic design, your dad can have it as his go-to outfit for formal occasions. 

If you want something with more attractive embroidery, get him this silk cocoon formal barong. This piña jusi barong with a Chinese collar is another excellent option. 

Get him these fun, quirky socks

Socks also make fine gifts but make them fun. Pick socks with cool designs on them. Socks with designs inspired by Philippine icons and ethnic weaving patterns are unique and definitely something your dad would appreciate.


Choose designs that he would like the most. Perhaps he would like socks with Eagle designs or those with Butanding sharks on them, or maybe he would prefer a nice pair with Ifugao-inspired weaving patterns. Of course, it’s just as cool if you gave him a pair of socks for each day of the week so you can give him all the designs. 

Get him a top-quality timepiece

A top-quality timepiece is a thoughtful Father’s Day gift. Get him an automatic steel watch. One with an elegant blue face would go well with outfits with dark hues. There are also watches with the classic white face. Just choose between a gold one with two-tone ion plating and a pure silver one, depending on what your dad would prefer.


These watches have a 40mm case size, a flat sapphire crystal, a steel bracelet, a fluted bezel, and a water resistance of about 165 feet. 

If your dad happens to be a watch collector, you can add a watch box to your gift. Give him one with four compartments or six compartments. Both kinds are made with handwoven material.


Get him locally-made liquor

Say cheers to your dad with some locally made liquor. Find the right drink for him and give it to him for Father’s Day.

  Lakang Hari Filivinum - The Filipino Wine

If he likes to drink rum, this premium quality 10-year aged rum by Don Papa is the best bottle to give him, though this artisan-crafted dark rum by Very Old Captain is also a great choice. If he enjoys drinking wine, then this Filipino wine made from naturally fermented sugarcane juice is something he would appreciate. You can also check out other wines by Lakang Hari

Have you decided on which gawang Pinoy products to give your dad? Visit any Kultura branch or visit our website to buy the best Father’s Day gift for your dad. 

You can also send us a message and let our personal shoppers assist you. 

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