Simple Home Product Switches for a Sustainable Home


Are you one of many Filipinos becoming more and more concerned for the environment? Have you switched to eco-friendly products and chosen to buy locally? If yes, then kudos to you! Every change you make is a big step towards supporting small businesses, providing sustainable livelihood, and protecting the environment. 

With the abundance of natural resources useful for various crafts, numerous communities of local artisans can create beautiful and functional products. Here are some simple choices you can make, whether you are transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle or are already living it and wish to keep it that way.

Eco-friendly placemats and coasters

Time to get rid of plastic placemats and coasters! Replace them with rattan ones such as this 16-inch hapao placemat and set of hapao coasters.

Hapao Placemat Hapao Coasters

You can also mix and match. Buy different sets of placemats and use them with different sets of coasters. Make table setting fun and creative while making a conscious choice to support local and live sustainably. 

Tissue boxes made of local natural materials

Aren’t tissue boxes created from buri palm, capiz shells, or pandan much more interesting to look at? 

Buri Tissue Box in Natural Natural Pandan Tissue Box Rectangular Laminated Capiz Tissue Box


The buri tissue box from Tahanan is both functional and decorative. Its unique woven texture makes it attractive and ideal for placing in common areas around your home. The same brand’s pandan tissue box is also a classic choice and always goes well with any native or tropical theme. If you want a more elegant tissue box, their laminated capiz tissue box is the right one for you.

You can also look at other options for tissue boxes made of other natural materials. Choose designs you like best and put them in various areas of your home. 

Handcrafted food covers 

Sinamay food covers handcrafted by Filipino artisans are among the essential eco-friendly kitchen and dining items you need to protect food from insects. This rectangular food cover is perfect if you need to cover multiple dishes with different serving sizes. Its design makes it easy to see what’s underneath, and it is available in both small and large sizes. 

Sinamay Rectangular Food Cover Sinamay Rectangular Food Cover


On the other hand, if you don’t always leave food on the counter or the table and prefer a food cover that you can quickly put away, this foldable food cover with braided banig is much more suitable. It shows off Pinoy craftsmanship while serving a functional purpose when in use. Otherwise, you can fold it and easily store it on your kitchen shelf or cabinet. 

Foldable Food Cover with Braided Banig Foldable Food Cover with Braided Banig 

Storage for a sustainable lifestyle

Storage bins and small containers are essential in every household. For your sustainable home, switch from plastic storage to eco-friendly, locally made ones. Kultura offers a wide selection of these, but here are some products you can immediately integrate into your home.  

These pretty jewelry boxes are made with capiz and have traditional Filipino designs. Moreover, they are definitely a win over plain, plastic ones. These can store your treasured items and cheer you up whenever you look at them. 



Abaca baskets are perfect for storing items that you need to access easily, such as sofa throws and guest towels. These round ones come in bright and beautiful colors that you might want to put in different spots in your home for purely decorative purposes. 

Abaca Round Basket in Blue Abaca Round Basket in Yellow

 You might initially intend to use this hapao round hamper as a bin for your clothes. With its multi-purpose design, you might also consider it as a planter for the living room.

Hapao Round Hamper with Lining


Buying these handmade Pinoy products supports local communities and helps protect the environment. It transforms your home into a beautiful and relaxing place, reflecting your sense of tradition and respect for your roots. Live life naturally and visit to find more of these sustainable products.