Score the Best Deals on Kultura's Jewelry Sale this February!

Score the Best Deals on Kultura's Jewelry Sale this February!

Are you looking for the perfect gift to express your love and appreciation to your special someone this Valentine's Day? Look no further because Kultura's Jewelry Sale is here to help you find the perfect present for the one you adore!

With 20% off on select jewelry on sale, you'll be able to choose a jewelry gift that will surprise your loved one this love month! Here are 10 of our locally-made jewelry pieces on sale you should look at.

1. Freshwater Pearl Necklace

This Valentine's Day, express your love with a timeless and classic gift. Give them a gift of a fine pearl jewelry necklace featuring our stunning white freshwater pearls. Symbolizing purity and elegance, this classic pearl necklace is the perfect way to show affection and make your special someone feel truly loved and appreciated! 

2. Black South Sea Pearl Pendant Necklace

Show your love with a sophisticated and elegant gift this Valentine's Day. Our Black South Sea Pearl pendant necklace is a beautiful piece made with a stunning black pearl from Palawan, Philippines. Its elegant design makes it a versatile and timeless piece that they can wear for any occasion.

3. Amber Bangle Bracelet

Spread positivity and optimism this love month with an Amber Bangle Bracelet! Amber is a stone associated with positivity and optimism. Featuring fiery red flares on a transparent yellow band, this wrist accessory is a stylish gift for your Valentine. 

4. 3 Layer Glossy Ruby Zoisite Necklace

Let her make a statement with a stunning 3 Layer Glossy Ruby Zoisite Necklace this Valentine's Day! This necklace features a line of glossy faceted round semi-precious stones. This eye-catching piece highlights the beauty of medium green stone and deep magenta-red ruby stone.

5. Amethyst Bracelet

Show your love with a stunning Amethyst Bracelet this month of love! This bracelet features round semi-precious Amethyst stones known for their calming and relaxing properties. This makes the perfect gift to show your special someone how much they mean to you and help them unwind.

6. Wood-shaped White Coral Necklace

Bring peace and transformation to your loved one's life with a beautiful Wood-Shaped White Coral Necklace for Valentine's Day. This necklace features a unique and organic gemstone formed from coral polyps and is known as a stone of peace and transformation. Make your girl feel cherished and loved every time they wear this amazing piece.

7. South Sea Pearl Dangling Earrings

Add a touch of elegance to your wife or girlfriend's wardrobe on Valentine's Day with our South Sea Pearl Dangling Earrings. These beautiful pearl earrings for women stand for strength, power, and love—a perfect way to show your affection and appreciation.

8. Freshwater Pearl Bracelet with Letter Pendant

Give the gift of timeless elegance with our Freshwater Pearl Bracelet with Letter Pendant. This simple yet stunning fashion jewelry features freshwater pearls with letter pendant to add a personal touch. It creates a perfect balance of classic beauty and modern style.

9. Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings with Floral-Shaped Silver Frame

Upgrade your loved one's jewelry collection with a pair of Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings with Floral-Shaped Silver Frame. These earrings are the epitome of elegance and sophistication. It has classic freshwater pearls in a stud design set on a floral-shaped silver base.

10. Freshwater Baroque Pearl Beaded Pendant Necklace

This necklace features freshwater pearls in a beaded design with a unique baroque pearl pendant. This necklace adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit, whether for date nights, casual days, and more. 

Kultura offers a wide variety of accessories from local jewelry brands in the Philippines. Each piece is expertly crafted and designed to bring out the best in you and your loved one. Get one or two of these pieces on sale this entire month of February.

Ready to get these jewelry accessories at the best prices? Kultura Filipino’s Jewelry Sale runs from February 1 to 28, 2023! Shop now at or drop by the nearest Kultura store. 

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