Reasons to Love Christmas in the Philippines



For most Filipinos, if not all, Christmas is the most awaited time of the year. Nothing can compare to the warmth and one-of-a-kind holiday celebrations of Filipino households. 

Discover the top six reasons to love the holiday festivities in the Philippines at Kultura Filipino.

Longest Celebration of Christmas

Filipinos have long been recognized for their cheerfulness and bright personalities. With this innate positivity and fondness for joyous occasions and merriment, they made a global festivity uniquely their own and turned it into the largest and longest fiesta celebrated nationwide. 

It’s a well-known fact that Christmas begins at the onset of the “ber” months and continues into the new year. The Catholic community’s celebration of the Feast of Three Kings on the 6th of January is a befitting conclusion of Christmas in the Philippines.

Long-Standing Tradition of Simbang Gabi (Misa de Gallo)

Simbang Gabi or Misa de Gallo is celebrated for nine days, starting from December 16 up to the 24th. It originated during the Spanish period when Roman Catholic missionaries and priests introduced it in 1668 to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary. At that time, the church bells start to ring as early as three in the morning, calling the devout to attend the pre-dawn mass at four before setting off to work.

Over the years, this Christmas tradition has transformed into a symbol of piety and perseverance of faith. Many Filipino Catholics widely believe that by completing the nine-day event, their wishes will be granted.

Brightest and Most Melodious Yuletide Season in The World


The countless Christmas lights and the never-ending Christmas songs and carols being played in malls or at home are the cherries on top of the country’s Christmas festivities. Both private and public spaces are brimming with Parols, colored lights, and festive decor and ornaments. You can have these unique embellishments for your home, too. Explore Kultura Filipino’s Christmas decor collection and other Pinoy products for a truly Paskong Pinoy celebration this year!

big multi-colored capiz parolceramic nativity set3 parols

Don’t forget the must-see tree lighting events and spectacular musical shows to watch out for in popular shopping centers and different cities across the nation.

Noche Buena Feast

Filipinos have a profound love for food. Christmas Eve feasts, commonly known as Noche Buena, include various distinctive dishes with different origins. 

Expect Queso de Bola, Hamon, Paella, Lumpiang Shanghai, Tsokolate and many more to adorn the table during this glorious occasion. Harnessing their ingenuity, Filipinos made these holiday staples truly their own regardless of foreign influences.

Special Time for Families and Communities to Come Together

No festivity can bring people closer together than Christmas. In many countries, Christmas is a time for families and communities to set aside differences and spend time together. 

Filipinos celebrate it with families, friends, and even co-workers, by holding numerous Christmas parties and events throughout December.

Endless Gift-Giving

From the local version of Secret Santa called Monito Monita to aguinaldo for the inaanaks, Filipinos ensure they embody the spirit of Christmas. After all, it is the time to give and share their blessings. 

The spirit of giving emanates more strongly during the Yuletide season, as evidenced by the increasing number of shoppers buying gifts. It’s undeniable that gift-giving is deeply ingrained in Philippine culture. No one wants to miss out on expressing their love and gratitude to loved ones with a gift.

As the popular saying goes, “It’s more fun in the Philippines,” and Christmas is no exception. Bring warmth and joy to your family’s Christmas celebration and gift-giving this year with locally handcrafted novelties and gift sets.

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