Kultura's Jewelry Market

This season, delve into the artistry of Filipino-made jewelry at Kultura's Jewelry Market! Located at the SM Makati store on Level 2, our shop-in-shop concept introduces new collections from 15 local jewelers and designers, highlighting lustrous Philippine pearls, semi-precious stones, and bold statement jewelry. Starting February 1, 2024, discover unique accessories and luxurious jewelry available at special prices.

Kultura Jewelry Market


Explore our diverse collections and bring out your inner creative at our in-store customization station! You can design your own necklace or bracelet by mixing and matching colorful beads, semi-precious stones, and pearls—exclusive in Kultura SM Makati until February 29. Additionally, don’t forget to take advantage of our pearl maintenance services, from restringing to cleaning, and repairs. Want to learn more about pearls? Schedule a virtual or face-to-face appointment with our knowledgeable pearl expert. Elevate your jewelry experience with Kultura's Jewelry Market!

 Kultura Jewelry Market Kultura Jewelry Market

Check out our list of different products below. Revisit your favorites and discover new ones sure to delight!


South Sea Pearl Jewelry

Highly coveted for their rarity, exceptional quality and size, South Sea pearls embody timeless luxury. Sourced from oysters in the South Pacific and Philippines, these are renowned for their lustrous white and champagne hues. 

Kultura Jewelry Market


Freshwater Pearl Jewelry 

Admired for their natural radiance and elegance, freshwater pearls are a true marvel of nature. Said to symbolize love, purity, and harmony, these classic gems come in various hues, from white to pastels, and are a popular choice that complements modern taste and style.

 Kultura Jewelry Market


Baroque Pearl Jewelry 

Distinguished by their unconventional, non-spherical shapes, baroque pearls add dimension to any look, with each pearl unique to the wearer. Striking yet sophisticated, these one-of-a-kind gems are an effortless way to make a style statement. 

Kultura Jewelry Market


Semi-precious Stone Jewelry 

From Agate to Zektzerite, semi-precious stones are cherished for their unique healing properties, including promoting tranquility and balancing energies. Mix, match, and layer as you like with a myriad of colors, shapes, and styles.

Kultura Jewelry Market



The national animal of the Philippines, carabaos symbolize strength and resilience. These statement accessories are skillfully handcrafted from discarded carabao horn, embracing sustainability and creativity in every piece. 

Visit Kultura’s Jewelry Market from February 1 to 29, located at the Kultura store on Level 2 of SM Makati.

*Customization is exclusive in Kultura, SM Makati. Jewelry collections and promotions are also available across all Kultura stores nationwide.