Kultura Resort Wear For Your Next Beach Trip


Want to strut your stuff on sandy white beaches? Put on the best matching clothes that scream tropical style. If you don’t have many summer clothes in your closet, maybe it’s time for an overdue shopping spree at Kultura Filipino's apparel section!

Stay fashionable at the beach!

Our collections are packed with enough variety to suit every Filipina. We’ll guide you through from head to toe so you can go to the beach feeling confident and looking your best!

Hats are undoubtedly important in any summer beachwear. If you want an eye-catching one that functions beautifully as you parade through the resort, consider getting the Astra Wide Brim Hat with Black Ribbon. Let the ribbon flow in the air as the breeze cools your body from the summer sun’s heat. You can always go for the Women's Ribbon Sun Hat or the Women's Wide Brim with Black Bow Hat should you prefer less theatrical headwear.

Astra Wide Brim Hat with Black Ribbon 3 Layer Cherry Quartz Choker Necklace

Usually, the most popular beachwear for women consists of a bikini top and a maxi skirt. Some opt for simpler clothes like a lush and colorful sundress, but for the most part, these styles focus on elegance complemented by the beach backdrop. 

Women's Short Smocking Dress with Leaf Print

The Tropiko Garterized Linen Skirt with Pockets has just that sort of elegance. It’s made with soft, breathable material and comes with pockets too! 

Another must-have from Kultura is the Tropiko Tropical Leaf-Printed Pants in Maroon. It’s great to wear during chilly hangouts at the beach.

Women's Garterized Linen Skirt with Pockets Women's Pants with Tropical Leaf Print in Maroon

While these clothes are great, you can improve your overall look by pairing them with accessories. The Crafts for a Cause Bracelet is a beautiful wrist piece crafted from recycled materials. Add in this 3 Layer Cherry Quartz Choker Necklace, and you get yourself a complete look ready for casual fun and formal dinners at a tropical-themed restaurant!

Finally, complete your outfit by choosing the best matching footwear! Are you in the market for something plain and durable, or do you think only something with a little more design will suit your needs? For the former, the Brown Strap Jute Slippers are made from native materials and guarantee comfort for your feet! As for the latter, the Tropiko Women's Abaca Slides with Double Leather Straps is a pair you can rely on for long walks and lengthy trips!

Find what you’re looking for at the best one-stop culture shop in the Philippines. Completing a beautiful look for your upcoming beach trip isn’t easy, but it’s a lot of fun. So what are you waiting for? Visit Kultura Filipino stores today. You can also browse locally made jewelry and clothing online at www.kulturafilipino.com.