Bag Paradise: Locally-made Bags for the Fashionable Filipina

Bags - a necessity for women, yet highly personal for each one. Swap out your regular purse for one made from natural, native materials that have the added plus of supporting the livelihood of Filipino artisans.

Beach Day

Abaca Handbag - Kultura Filipino
Everyone’s eyes light up when they start thinking about a beach getaway! Luckily, the Philippines is one of the biggest producers and exporters of abaca in the world. Weavers in the provinces use their well-honed skills to create fashionable and functional bags out of this versatile material. Durable and salt-water resistant, our embroidered abaca bags are practically made for the beach. Abaca accessories also remain sustainable - the material is biodegradable, easy to grow and no polluting machines are used to make these, since all bags are handwoven by artisans.
Tropiko Women's Macrame Bag
Prefer something smaller and less bulky? Try our macramé sling bag in neutral tan - just the right size for your little beach essentials, from lip balm to a mini-bottle of sunscreen. We see macramé as trendy once again, especially for summer. A bit of trivia - macramé dates back to 13th century Arab weavers and it became mainstream in the ‘70s.

Around the City

Foldable Batik Tote Bag - Kultura Filipino
For busy days bombarded with non-stop errands, we recommend choosing a lightweight and fun carryall. Our colorful, batik print totes can be taken virtually anywhere - ideal for working on your laptop in local coffee shops, tossing in groceries or even as an extra shopping bag you can easily keep with you, after all, it’s foldable! Did you know that Batik is both an art and craft that originates from Java, Indonesia? The process involves decorating cloth using colored wax and dye. Despite being centuries old, it remains a popular print around the globe; in the Philippines, Batik is practiced in Mindanao.
Another good choice would be our Crafts for a Cause bag, made using crocheted recycled straw. On top of adding a pop of color to your look, it supports women in underserved communities who make them under the guidance of our partner foundation, Invisible Sisters.


   Mother of Pearl Clutch Bag - Kultura Filipino
Weddings - a favorite formal occasion! Complete your outfit with a classic but nonetheless Pinoy accessory, the shell clutch. Made using locally-sourced shells, they deserve to be a staple in any Filipina’s wardrobe. Different shells produce various shades, but all are equally striking and add a touch of elegance to any look.

Tropical Chain Bag - Kultura Filipino
Another sophisticated option is this embroidered cream clutch that also comes with a chain to keep your hands free. 

Night Out

Whether you’ve got a dressy dinner or full on celebration, you’ll need somewhere to keep your touch-up makeup and other night out essentials. Liven up your look with these dual-colored, buntal clutches that double as slings with their detachable chains. Although buntal is usually used to make hats, it’s also a great material for bags. Buntal fibers are extracted from the leaf stalks of buri palm trees and then woven into sturdy yet polished pieces.
For a more understated accessory, pair your outfit with our black shell clutch - stylish but subtle and versatile enough for different occasions.


Tikog Handbag - Kultura Filipino   Tropical Bamboo Sling Bag - Kuktura Filipino
Arguably the most important accessory of all, we each need a go-to, everyday bag. Bags with neutral tones like beige, brown and black are easy to match with most outfits, making them ideal for daily use. Both bamboo and tikog are grown all around the country, and can be used to craft a variety of sustainable products. Our chic tikog handbag with black tassels is perfect for minimalists, while this bamboo embroidered sling works for those who prefer more decorative touches on their accessories.
Round Wicker tote Bag with Flower Appliques

Often used to make canes and furniture such as chairs, rattan is one of the most durable native materials. This round rattan bag is fuss-free and low maintenance, made more feminine with dainty flower appliques - carry it with you for your next brunch date and be ready for compliments!
Find the right bag for every occasion here at Kultura; whether you are simply looking to upgrade your everyday tote or need a sleek clutch for an upcoming wedding, we’ve got you covered with our collection of unique, locally-made and sustainable options.