5 Small Sustainability Tips That Make a Big Impact


Making a complete switch to sustainable products to become more eco-friendly may seem overwhelming as it entails big changes in your lifestyle. However, you can always start with these five small, doable sustainability tips. As the choices you make all add up, you will soon be making a significant impact in saving the environment and improving the quality of your life.

Bring reusable shopping bags

Say no to plastics! Use reusable bags to carry your purchases whether you are in the market, shopping malls, or convenience stores. 

Kultura has a wide variety of designs you can choose from. You can get a canvas tote bag with an image of the Manila City Hall and its geographical coordinates printed on it, making it a pretty unique and cool eco bag.

Geo Landmarks Tote Bag With Image of Manila City Hall Support Local Farmers Jute Tote Bag Tote Bag Special Canvas Sorbetes Print

Show your love for our country and your support for our local farmers when using this jute tote bag. If you prefer colorful prints or festive feels, this sorbetes print bag is something you will love to carry around with you. It is also available in bright, cheerful yellow.

Buy bamboo products instead of plastics

Bamboo is a highly sustainable material. Choosing to buy and use bamboo products instead of plastic ones impacts the environment as you no longer add to the plastic wastes that pollute the oceans. 

These bamboo trays come in small, medium, and large sizes. Moreover, their uses are virtually endless! 

Place wrapped candies in the small tray. Organize your home office items in medium ones. Use the large tray for serving tea to guests. 

Large Bamboo Tray with Handle Bamboo Placemats Set of 4 Bella Dos Bamboo Organizer with Lining

Bamboo placemats are not only environment-friendly, but they also look much better and more presentable than plastic ones made to look like a natural product. Likewise, bamboo organizers are better in quality and appearance than plastic containers, especially when lined with a nice, clean fabric. 

Choose reusable gift packaging made of natural materials

Use gift bags made of natural materials the next time you give presents to others. This way, you avoid the use of disposable or single-use packaging. Moreover, those receiving the gift can reuse the packaging for other purposes. 

These native abaca gift bags are available in small, medium, and large sizes. Made from durable abaca fiber, these bags can be reused when giving other gifts or carrying items.

Native Abaca Gift Bag Braided Sinamay Wine Holder Sinamay with Braided Abaca Handle Gift Bag

Give a good bottle of wine using this braided sinamay wine holder. This can also be used later on for containing rolls of paper or dried flowers. These gift bags made of sinamay and abaca are great for small giveaways, tokens, or candies. 

Style your gifts using this sinamay ribbon. This can be reused for crafts, home decor accents, and other gifts. 

Store and organize using eco baskets

Baskets made locally from sustainable materials are practical and great for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your home. Being both functional and decorative, they keep your things contained and organized while giving any room a native and rustic charm.

Labba Storage Basket Safa Basket with Knitted Abaca Large Round Abaca Basket With Handle

Store fresh fruits and vegetables in this labba storage basket. Put this safa basket in the living room to contain throws. Organize your craft items in this round basket with a handle, so you can easily transport your things from one room to another. 


Buy handwoven instead of factory-made blankets

Choosing handmade items over factory-made ones is one of the key things that differentiate a sustainable lifestyle. When it comes to blankets, choose handwoven ones such as these in white marquis and gray diamond patterns. When you buy them, you also help support the livelihood of local weavers and preserve traditional crafts. 

Queen Inabel Marquis White Blanket Queen Inabel Diamond Gray Blanket

Start following these sustainability tips today. Visit any Kultura branch or go to our website to find a wide selection of eco-friendly products by various local brands in the Philippines under one roof. You can also send us a message, and our personal shoppers will gladly assist you. 

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