3 Provinces in the Philippines to Visit for Their Handcrafted Products

Lotus Capiz Tealight

Art has always been a part of the Philippines’ history, thanks to the country’s talented artisans and their creative use of local natural resources. When you visit different parts of the Philippines, you will discover artisans showcasing their handicrafts for tourists to keep as memorable souvenirs. Each trinket tells a story from the craftsmanship to its origin and the importance of keeping these skills and traditions alive. 

Support your local artisans by adding their provinces to the places you plan to visit this 2022. It’s a great time to go on long trips to culture-rich locations in our country! If you need a place to start, refer to the guide below.

The Capiz province

The province of Capiz is a special place in Western Visayas, near Iloilo. It is known for seafood and tourist destinations, but its call to fame is the abundance of capiz.

Capiz is a popular shell-based material widely used for Filipino-style handicrafts. Its translucent paper thin texture is iconic, thanks to its use as a glass substitute for windows in the late 1800s. 

You have every reason to visit the lovely lands of Capiz this 2022! But if you can’t physically travel at the moment, you can still enjoy the region’s offerings and help support artisans by shopping for capiz trinkets and decor in the comfort of your home!

Lotus Capiz Tealight Aqua Capiz Scallop Wall Clock

Laminated Golden Capiz + Banana Bark Picture Frame (P999.75)

This product is an elegant piece that you can use to display cherished photos. The frame adds a bit of that local flair you won’t find with other similar products.

Lotus Capiz Tealight (P249.00)

Planning a romantic candlelit dinner with your significant other? Consider getting this for the occasion. It's a beautiful tealight holder made of capiz and available in four exciting colors.

Aqua Capiz Scallop Wall Clock (P349.75)

This product gives owners a look into the bountiful beauty of the country’s aquatic life. It’s bound to breathe life on any wall you hang it on. Look into owning this precious handicraft today!

City of Maasin 

The city of Maasin has a fascinating history going back to the Philippines' colonial roots. According to the history books, Ferdinand Magellan's men named the city after the taste of their water, which means "salty." In 1755, it became a part of the Leyte province as a town before becoming its provincial capital and later city around August of 2000. 

The city is mainly known for its abundant bamboo. In fact, the Dinagyang Festival in 2020 showcased its love for the material by building most of the festival kiosks from bamboo. 

Bamboo is known for its durability when used for construction, and its versatility as a material known for creating diverse products. If you visit Maasin City, get yourself some sustainable bamboo products like furniture and home decor. Surrounding yourself with handcrafted materials can remind you that beauty and strength can come from the simplest of natural resources.

Consider visiting Maasin City in Western Visayas. If you just want to shop for bamboo products, you don’t need to go too far. Here are some items you can get online!

Cris Cel Tropical Bamboo Tote Bag Bamboo Placemats

Bamboo Placemats Set of 4 (P299.75)

Enjoy this set of intricately woven bamboo placemats to give your dining room.

Bamboo Wind Chime Tagiktik (P99.00) 

Own this pretty hand-carved chime to bring you luck! 

Tropical Bamboo Tote (P1,499.75) 

Stay fashionable with this woven bamboo bag! It’s the perfect accessory, especially if you’re wearing locally made Filipino apparel.

These organic and locCris Cel Cor Tropical Bamboo Toteally-made products may be simple in design, but they can add so much to the overall feel of a room.

Island Province of Catanduanes

Catanduanes is known for its hospitable locals and lush green environments. Visiting it will feel like a trip back in time thanks to its focus on local produce and natural beauty. Perhaps one of the best things Catanduanes is known for is the production of abacá.

Abacá is a handicraft material used for creating a wide variety of local products, including mats, textiles, baskets, and bags. It is naturally strong and found in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao regions. 

Tourists will undoubtedly enjoy visiting Catanduanes for its gorgeous destinations, but handicraft fans will find plenty of beautifully made items to buy from this beautiful island. 

Missed out on getting abacá-woven products in Catanduanes? Check out some of Kultura Filipino’s best abacá items.

 Round Abaca Sling Bag

Round Abaca Sling Bag (P300.00)

This item gained its popularity back thanks to its style and quality (build). A round abaca sling bag is perfect for your beach outfit of the day!

Abaca Native Handbag (P1,799.75)

With stunning green color, this fantastically woven product is miles above the quality of similar items. 

Abaca Mules with Floral Embroidery (P699.75)

Slip into these comfy mules and relax! You won’t find these pairs unraveling soon, as the artisans who created them value durability in their design.

There are plenty more provinces worthy of a shoutout, and we’ll feature them soon enough! For more locally-made products, browse through www.kulturafilipino.com for more similar items.