Your Filipiniana Wedding

Organza Maria Clara Top

 Dreaming of a Filipiniana wedding? This traditional theme is a wonderful way to honor your heritage on your special day. It's romantic, elegant, and best of all, doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg—even if it looks like it does! Here are some points to consider:

Classic or contemporary?

Determine whether you prefer to keep your Filipiniana theme strictly traditional, or want to put a hip, modern spin on it. This will then help you decide on the looks for the bridal entourage, as well as the recommended dress code for guests.

What to wear?

When you're feeling overwhelmed by the number of choices (and unsolicited recommendations) out there, lean toward the ones that resonate with your own personal style.

Do you have a flair for the dramatic? You're sure to shine in pieces that boldly showcase Filipiniana touches, like exaggerated butterfly sleeves and intricately embroidered gowns. For an ultra-classic look, go for a multi-piece Maria Clara-inspired ensemble (traditionally consisting of an angel-winged camisa, long skirt, tapis or overskirt, and panuelo). If your budget allows, piña fabrics really evoke Filipiniana style like no other.

Pina Ladies Barong Dress Chinese Collar

 If you favor low-key looks, choose minimalist, sophisticated pieces that channel understated elegance. Consider sleek and unadorned terno column gowns, or even a simple but chic barong dress for a civil ceremony. 

              Classic south sea pearl - Kultura FilipinoFreshwater Philippine Pearls

For accessories, you can never go wrong in classic South Sea or freshwater Philippine pearls. You might also want to add a tambourin necklace for that old-world vibe.

Silk Cocoon Embroidered Capelet                Nuevo Ystilo Women's Inabel Ethnic Top

When it comes to the entourage, bridesmaids will love pretty, versatile separates that can be worn even after the wedding. Try pairing terno tops and ballgown skirts, delicate capelets over cocktail dresses, or even pastel colored sheer kimonas over spaghetti-strap mini dresses for a fun, contemporary twist. Currently popular are bridesmaids' gowns with detachable butterfly sleeves—after the ceremony and pictorial, the sleeves can come off when it's time to hit the dancefloor!

EN Barong Filipino Embroidered Pure Pina Barong in Natural

Meanwhile, the choice is much simpler for the groom and his groomsmen: nothing but a barong tagalog will do! Choose a classic barong in piña or jusi, elegant cufflinks, formal black pants, and dress shoes. For a funkier look, try creatively-embroidered or ombre styles, dapper fedora hats, or even suspenders under your barong for a unique twist.

Cris Cel Cor Embroidered Face Mask Flower Crochet

And finally, don't forget face masks for everyone in your entourage! These days, medical-grade masks are essential but can totally ruin an outfit, so cover them with beautiful embroidered masks for a formal, polished look.

Wedding Favors

Native handicrafts - Kultura Filipino           Native handicrafts - Kultura Filipino

Native handicrafts and local delicacies as wedding favors are an ingenious yet inexpensive way to add Filipiniana touches. Think: anahaw fans that are both decorative and (immediately) functional, or provincial sweets in raffia boxes that can double as accessories in your table setting. Here's a fun idea for a young crowd: instead of wineglasses, distribute shotglasses bearing the Philippine flag which guests can take home after toasting to the newlyweds!

Native handicrafts - Kultura Filipino              coffee gift sets - Kultura Filipino

Meanwhile, gifts for your entourage and wedding sponsors call for something more special and personal. Beautiful pearl accessories, premium chocolate or coffee gift sets, and thoughtful self-care packages featuring local ingredients are always well-received. Or how about elegant mother-of-pearl or capiz picture frames, each containing a photo or caricature of the recipient? It might be a little more labor-intensive, but it will clearly express your appreciation for your entourage.

Your wedding is (ideally) a once-in-a-lifetime event, so we know how important it is to plan everything down to the last detail. Whatever your style and budget, find everything you need for your dream Filipiniana wedding at Kultura.