What to Wear When Attending a Filipiniana-Themed Wedding


Attending a Filipiniana-themed wedding soon and still not sure what to wear? There’s no need to worry because Kultura has you covered. 

Kultura offers the widest selection of Filipiniana-themed wedding outfits under one roof. We have several designs from the traditional barong Tagalog to contemporary versions for men and women. We also have a wide variety of Philippine-style traditional and modern dresses perfect for weddings. Here are a few ideas on what to wear for your upcoming event:

For the Filipino gentleman 

For the groom, sponsors, or groomsmen, wear the traditional barong, which comes in shades of white and ivory with subtle, refined embroidery down the front. You can never go wrong or feel out of place in this classic barong.

Men's Hand-Embroidered Pina Silk Full Open Barong Men's Pina Cocoon Silk with Collar Embroidered Barong Men's Silk Cocoon with Collar Embroidered Barong

This hand-embroidered piña silk barong is one of the most luxurious choices, with handwoven textiles and details.

A barong Tagalog with buttons that open halfway is also a classic choice. The distinction between these types of barong lies in the embroidery designs and fabric. One can be a cocoon silk barong with an intricate arabesque design, while another can be an embroidered barong with subtle geometric patterns.

If you want your barong Tagalog to have a touch of color, you can go for this piña frosted embroidered barong, which has the Philippine ocean’s hues on it. Or, if you prefer a barong that comes in a different color altogether, this full collar embroidered silk cocoon barong in blue is a perfect choice.

Men's Monochromatic Pina Frosted Embroidered Barong Men's Full Collar Embroidered Silk Cocoon Barong

There are also barong Tagalog designs with black or gray if you want something that shows some contrast instead of plain beige or cream hues. This gray organdy embroidered barong is a good option. You can also choose between this embroidered barong with U-shaped embroidery and this barong with parallel embroidery.

Men's Gray Organdy Embroidered Barong Men's Silk Cocoon Machine Embroidered Barong Men's Silk Cocoon Embroidered Barong

Can’t decide yet? Take a look at all your barong Tagalog options and base it on what matters most to you, whether it be a  traditional or modern style, has buttons all the way down for ease, or just halfway for a classic look. Consider the fabric you find most comfortable and the color that appeals to you most.

Bringing out the Filipina beauty

There are also a number of choices for the ladies, all of which help bring out your Filipina beauty. One example is this elegant piña cocoon silk dress that perfectly balances traditional and modern Filipiniana.

Women's Pina Cocoon Silk Dress

If you wish to go for something with butterfly or mestiza sleeves, you can opt for a silk gazar Filipiniana dress or silk cocoon barong dress. Both are elegant and perfectly appropriate for a variety of special occasions.

Women's Silk Gazar Filipiniana Dress Women's Short Puff Sleeves Silk Cocoon Barong Dress

You can also think about wearing versatile separates that you can wear in different ways for a variety of occasions. Combine this pretty embroidered piña top with a mid-length skirt for a fresh, delicate look. This plain navy blue skirt paired with a cropped ethnic barong top works together perfectly, especially if you prefer a modern take on Filipiniana. Each piece can be worn with other items in your wardrobe to create different looks. For instance, the terno top can look great matched with denim.

Women's Feliza Hinabue Skirt Women's Traditional Mikado Blue Gore Skirt | Women's Inabel Ethnic Top

Have you decided which Filipiniana-themed outfit you will wear? To order, visit any Kultura branch or shop online to buy the best wedding outfits from our Filipiniana wedding collection and look your best at the wedding you’ll be going to.

You can also send us a message, and our personal shoppers will gladly assist you. 

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