Unique Souvenirs Ideas for Balikbayans and Tourists

Unique Souvenirs Ideas for Balikbayans and Tourists

Tell me you are Filipino without telling me you’re Filipino. Just look at souvenir shops in any tourist spot, and you will find local and foreign tourists buying pasalubongs. From shirts to mugs and fridge magnets, Filipinos just love grabbing souvenirs! So whether you are a balikbayan or a tourist, you should not miss these unique and affordable souvenir ideas that will truly represent the beauty and culture of the Philippines.

Kultura is an online shop that offers a wide range of affordable souvenir items, from clothing, bags, and accessories to home décor. Kultura Filipino’s collection of locally-made souvenirs includes quality goods made by local Filipino artisans, focusing on classic and modern designs.

Tips on Buying Travel Souvenirs

Traveling is always a fun experience. It's not just about seeing new places and eating different food. It's also about bringing home travel memories of those moments in a tangible form - like souvenirs. So before buying souvenirs, here are a few tips on choosing the most memorable novelty souvenir and how to maximize your budget.

  1. Research helps

    Make it a habit to research first which local craft is available as a memorable souvenir before you set out on your much-awaited travel. Each travel destination in the Philippines has its trademark souvenir that embodies the rich culture of the place and community.

    You would also want to consider the craftsmanship the local artisans put in each crafted souvenir. It goes beyond the visual worth of the item making it more memorable.

  2.  Support local

    “Support local” is more than just a statement. Artisan souvenir boutiques are the ideal places to shop for travel keepsakes. There are small local enterprises known for their authentic crafts and budget-friendly quaint gifts that make the best souvenir of travel to keep. As a result, they often create high-quality products at low prices.

  3. Choose souvenirs with a purpose

    Souvenirs are usually kept as a memento of a great travel experience. While most souvenirs include novelties and trinkets like keychains, ref magnets, and t-shirt souvenirs, choose a keepsake that is practical and useful to use at home.

Kultura Filipino Souvenirs Collection

At Kultura, we bring home the Filipino culture in a way you can truly enjoy. Our products are designed to offer the best value for money at all times! You get what you pay for — no compromises.

Clothing and Bags

One of the typical souvenirs you can get in any souvenir shop is a t-shirt. At Kultura, you can grab fashionable designs on t-shirt souvenirs in a variety of colors and styles. 

The Love Your Local Experience Local Jeepney Graphic Tee from Kamisa by Kultura Filipino is just one of the locally-made shirts that stands out because of its unique prints. This is the perfect souvenir for yourself or as a gift showing comfort and style. From the smooth poly-cotton fabric to the silk screen print and round neckline, this t-shirt souvenir is sure to keep you looking stylish.

Love Your Local Experience Local Jeepney Graphic TeeLove Your Local Experience Local Jeepney Graphic Tee

Meanwhile, bags are another statement souvenir to buy on every travel. Our collection of souvenir accessories includes canvas bags in a variety of designs and colors that are perfect for everyday use.

The Support Local Philippines Statement Canvas with Tikog Tote Bag is made of quality canvas and has a zip closure that allows you to close it with ease. Its dual grab handle makes carrying this canvas bag souvenir super simple and easy. In addition, it is a statement bag urging everyone to “support local.”

Support Local Philippines Statement Canvas with Tikog Tote Bag
Support Local Philippines Statement Canvas with Tikog Tote Bag

Home and Kitchen

This Blue Ikat Ceramic Mug is a perfect gift for someone special. The mug is handmade with a blue ikat pattern with a white glaze that looks great and adds a nice contrast. Have a hot drink from this beautiful mug souvenir in the morning to start your day off right!

Ethnic Ikat Ceramic Mug
Ethnic Ikat Ceramic Mug

A fun, quirky, and practical accessory for your living room, the Paper Boat Velvet Square Throw Pillow by Bibsisita is made of soft velvet fabric with a woven back. The front is designed with a paper boat illustration, combing art and comfort.

Paper Boat Velvet Square Throw Pillow - KulturaPaper Boat Velvet Square Throw Pillow

Assorted Novelties

For people who love collecting souvenirs, Kultura has hundreds of novelties ranging from keychains, ref magnets, accessories, and home trinkets. 

The Mini Gold Tin with Wooden Base Calesa is one of the best-selling souvenirs in our catalog. It is a perfect conversation piece that brings back the Spanish era. This is an excellent gift for friends and family that are in love with our rich history.

Mini Gold Tin with Wooden Base Calesa - Kultura
Mini Gold Tin with Wooden Base Calesa

If you love unique pieces, this handmade ref magnet souvenir is made of paper and embellished with various colored threads. The Paper Quilling Tarsier Magnetic Decor boasts Bohol’s famous tarsier in a well-crafted pasalubong. You’ll admire its intricate paper quilling art in the form of a ref magnet!

Paper Quilling Tarsier Magnetic Decor - Kultura
Paper Quilling Tarsier Magnetic Decor

You're invited to experience the best items from Philippine souvenir culture. We have a wide variety of souvenir ideas and items for you to choose from, such as clothing, mugs, and traditional Filipino crafts.

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