Three Types of Philippine Pearls You Must See at Kultura

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The Philippines is home to a treasure trove of pearls. At Kultura Filipino, we carry three unique varieties of authentic Philippine pearls: freshwater, South Sea, and baroque. If you're looking to start your own pearl jewelry collection, this blog is here to help! Learn about the characteristics of each kind of pearl, their differences, and more. 

Natural Beauty of Freshwater Pearls 

Freshwater pearls come from Philippine lakes and rivers. These gems are formed inside various mollusks such as mussels. Despite being smaller in size than other pearl types, freshwater pearls are celebrated for their classic beauty and versatility. Said to symbolize love, purity, and harmony, they come in various hues, from white to pastels, and are a popular choice that complements modern taste and style. 

Kultura Filipino proudly offers an extensive selection of freshwater pearl jewelry in various styles, from opera-length necklaces to gold-plated pearl studs. Simple yet elegant, these are a jewelry collection staple that effortlessly complements any occasion, whether it's a day at the office or dinner with loved ones.



Yasira Round Pearl Necklace


Round Earrings with Freshwater Pearls



Freshwater Pearl Necklace with Letter Pendant


Exquisite Elegance of South Sea Pearls

Of all Philippine pearl types, South Sea pearls are the most sought-after. Dubbed the “Queen of Gems,” these pearls are cultivated in Palawan from the Pinctada Maxima oyster. Symbols of rare elegance and beauty, South Sea pearls are renowned for their exceptional size and lustrous shades of white and gold.  

Our exquisite collection of South Sea pearls features minimalist pendants, sophisticated drop earrings, and more. 

Yasira South Sea White Pearl Necklace in 18K Gold Setting

Yasira South Sea White Pearl Necklace in 18K Gold Setting


 Yasira South Sea Green Pearl Stud in 18K Yellow Gold SettingYasira South Sea Green Pearl Stud in 18K Yellow Gold Setting


Yasira South Sea Pearl Brown in 18K Yellow Gold SettingYasira South Sea Pearl Brown in 18K Yellow Gold Setting

Bold Baroque Pearls 

Baroque pearls are distinguished by their non-spherical, irregular shapes. Originating from various oyster species, they highlight the beauty of nature's imperfections. These one-of-a-kind gems are perfect for expressing distinctive fashion statements and can be worn daily due to their unique durability. 

At Kultura Filipino, baroque pearls redefine elegance and inspire wearers to embrace their individuality. Choose from chic choker necklaces, statement earrings, and more playful designs. 



Floral Dangling Baroque Earrings

Floral Dangling Baroque Earrings



Baroque Copper Choker Necklace 

Baroque Copper Choker Necklace



Baroque Choker Necklace in White 

Baroque Choker Necklace in White

View our Baroque Pearl Jewelry

Whether you prefer simple, everyday accessories, eye-catching statement pearls, or luxurious pieces – find your perfect pearls at Kultura.

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