The Ultimate Guide to Filipiniana

It’s amazing how a simple, traditional Filipina dress can evolve to suit modern fashion trends. With the help of Filipino fashion designers, the Filipiniana transcends time and seamlessly fits into numerous occasions while retaining its signature key features. In doing so, local artists are able to preserve our rich history and showcase their craftsmanship.
At Kultura Filipino, you can find carefully curated pieces you can wear with Pinoy pride:


Daniella Dress

The stunning Organza gown is an intricately beaded and embroidered piece. It can be worn for any occasion, including intimate Filipino weddings. Pair the dress with lustrous freshwater pearl earrings and a pearl pendant necklace to complete a simple yet elegant look. Its lightweight and flowy fabric is perfect for the humid Philippine weather, too!


Gabriella Dress

This knee length number is a beautiful, understated modern take of a Filipina dress. It’s effortless and easy to accessorize. With the right statement pieces, you can take this Filipiniana look further. Wear it with an embroidered wrap top, beaded bolero, hand-painted shawl, or a traditional pañuelo for a more modest feel.


Martina Kimona and Skirt

This embroidered and beaded ensemble is most similar to the traditional baro’t saya, which is the national costume of the Philippines. Many fashion designers have explored different ways to elevate this enduring look. But as they say, nothing beats a classic!

Maria Barong Dress

Look absolutely youthful and gorgeous in this hand-embroidered barong dress made from pinasilk. Simple yet chic, this dress emanates modesty, luxury and elegance in the most effortless way. There’s no need to partner this look with over-the-top or ostentatious accessories. For this number, you’ll see that indeed, less is more.

Feliz Terno Top and Luna Pants

Truly a contemporary take, this beautiful handwoven inabel terno coincides with fashion trends today. Still, it mimics a classic terno top with its butterfly sleeves. Wear this stunning piece with simple and neutral colored bottoms and heels to elevate the look and make you stand out or dress it down by pairing with jeans for an everyday Filipiniana outfit.

Today, we see a lot of new interpretations of the Filipiniana. Local designers and fashionistas alike have teamed up to make it so that we preserve our clothing traditions by constantly innovating new styles, keeping them relevant even in modern times.