The Artistry and History of the Barong Tagalog

For centuries, the Barong Tagalog has been a staple in every Filipino’s closet. Today, it is commonly worn in the office or during special events and occasions. This embroidered shirt combines elements from the pre-colonial Filipino and colonial Spanish styles, giving it the distinctive, intricate, and elegant look for which it is renowned.

Each Barong Tagalog is a true labor of love, requiring hours of hard work and great skill by pineapple fiber weavers and embroiderers. But every piece starts with the material to be used.

Piña is widely favored for formal wear, as it has a unique, delicate appearance and is completely handmade, making it extra special. Combining it with silk creates a more durable textile and adds extra sheen, while blending it with abaca gives it more weight and texture. From scraping pineapple fibers to spinning them into yarn by hand, an arduous and lengthy process is required to transform mature pineapple leaves into piña fabric, making it a truly valuable, prized export of the province of Aklan. Other commonly used materials include ramie for corporate barongs, organza and cocoon silk as affordable, sturdier alternatives for formal Barongs.

Finally, each piece is finished with embroidery, done either with a machine or by hand. This last step involves adding fine details throughout the piece, from more ethnic designs and traditional florals to elaborate, open-work embroidery known as calado. A piña Barong completely embellished with hand-embroidery is precious, taking at least 462 days to complete.

Since 2004, we have continually expanded our selection - from the refined EN Barong Filipino and innovative Alfredo to the casual look of Hijo. Whatever style and price you prefer, there is a Barong Tagalog you will surely love at Kultura. And this distinguished garment isn’t just limited to men. We also offer a variety of exquisitely designed Barong dresses and tops in traditional styles from Raffaella to the modern designs of Nuevo Ystilo, Tygie, La Herminia and Mayumi.

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Kultura is committed to bringing you the best products from across the Philippines, together with our partner small and medium businesses. Our beloved bestseller, the Barong Tagalog, is a representation of our history and the result of the tireless efforts of farmers, weavers, and embroiderers from across the country. Every purchase directly helps them, their families and their community, so support local and wear your Barong Tagalog with pride!