Supporting Local Artisans with Kultura’s Crafts for a Cause


Apart from traveling to beautiful spots in the Philippines, many people spend their summer engaging in special summer activities, such as volunteering to teach children, helping the homeless, and joining different outreach programs. 

If you are thinking of something special to do this summer or wish to add more to the good deeds you are already doing, there is another way for you to do so—support local artisans by buying Kultura’s Philippine crafts for a cause

Most of these items are made of recycled materials and crafted by locals from marginalized communities. Buying them would contribute not only to helping save the environment but also to supporting the livelihood of local artisans. 

Make an Eco-Chic Statement

Add stylish accessories to your wardrobe with one of these recycled bags. Handmade by women from underserved communities, this bag made of pull tabs is a great way to show how beautiful things can be created from recycled materials.

Crafts for a Cause Pulltab Sling Bag Crafts for a Cause Large Foil Tote

For a more casual look, bags made with recycled foil are cool. What makes these bags fun and interesting to look at is the easily recognizable recycled packaging, which also gives them so much character. 

Sport your support for marginalized communities

Help promote local recycled products by sporting them. Wear a bracelet or two made by people from marginalized communities and inspire others to support them. These bracelets come in assorted designs, and each piece shows off the skills of Philippine locals. 


Add a touch of traditional craft to your things

Bell charms or small ornaments are a chic way to add character or style to your mobile phone, bags, and workstation. You can also support local artisans through them. 

This bell charm is a traditional craft of one of the Philippines’ local tribes and is an excellent reminder to honor and appreciate our indigenous peoples. 

Crafts for a Cause Small Bell Charm Crafts for a Cause Hanging Bell

For something more decorative, this hanging bell charm is perfect for a favorite bag, an art wall, or a creative workstation. Enjoy both the sound and the look of these bell charms when you use them. Share this simple yet pleasant experience with others by giving them a bell charm.

Celebrate local craftsmanship before a good meal 

Celebrations often come with a good meal. You can celebrate local craftsmanship before a good meal whenever you ring this brass dinner bell as you call everyone to the table. It can be a great conversation piece and an excellent way to promote Kultura’s crafts for a cause. Its intricate design shows off a craftsman creating something on his crafting table. Using it with company is an excellent way to recognize and appreciate this one-of-a-kind skill. 

Crafts for a Cause Brass Dinner Bell

Hold cards in place with locally handmade ornaments

Local and handmade traditional items are most charming when functional and decorative. These cardholders by the T’boli tribe are designed so intricately. 

Crafts for a Cause T'boli Gong Place Card Holder Crafts for a Cause T'boli Brass Bell Card Holder

Holding cards in place, these ornaments in gong and brass bell designs also capture and amuse the eye. Additionally, they make excellent tabletop decor or light paperweight when not in use. 

Display skillfully crafted religious decor

One way to support local artisans is to display their skillfully created items, such as these religious decors. This Holy Family molded figure is an awe-inspiring work of art and is good to display in a prominent part of your home. If you prefer something that hangs on the wall, this molded image of Jesus Christ with a chalice is a good choice. 

Crafts for a Cause Holy Family Religious Decor Crafts for a Cause Jesus Christ Molded Wall Figure

Say your prayers with colorful crafts

A rosary with colorful beads stored in a compact wooden case is something nice and easy to carry around with you all the time. Be able to say your prayers anywhere you are or be simply able to hold on to your rosary for comfort any time of the day. 

Colorful prayer bracelets are also great to have and to wear every day. Stylish, unique, and inspirational, these bracelets are a more practical take on prayer cards, as you can keep them on you all the time. The prayer on the bracelets is available in Filipino and English.

Crafts for a Cause Prayer Bracelet, Filipino Crafts for a Cause Rosary with Wooden Case

Summer in the Philippines is not only about taking vacations on its beautiful islands. One can also take the time to reach out and do something helpful to others and the environment. 

Visit your nearest branch or shop online at and support local artisans with Kultura’s crafts for a cause.