Stand Out with Statement Jewelry from Kultura

Statement Jewelry from Kultura

Statement jewelry is bold, eye-catching, and designed to make an impact, elevating everyday outfits into unique fashion statements. Whether it's a necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings, statement jewelry is a must-have for anyone looking to stand out. 

Browse through our one-of-a-kind statement jewelry collection to find your favorites! 

Statement Earrings

Our latest line of statement earrings features a variety of vibrant styles, each hand-beaded by Pinay mother artisans. Designs draw inspiration from our nation's lively festivals, diverse culture, and everyday optimism of the Filipina. Find out how to wear statement earrings and explore playful styles! 

1. Elysia Watermelon Beaded Earrings Set of 2

lady wearing Elysia Watermelon Beaded Earrings
Elysia Watermelon Beaded Earrings

Inspired by the charming colors and silhouette of watermelons, these statement beaded earrings are the perfect way to channel summer all year long. These also come with a pair of mini studs for days when you're looking for a more chill alternative. 

2. Abian Beaded Earrings

lady wearing Abian Beaded Earrings
Abian Beaded Earrings

While colorful accessories are a fun way to make a statement, you can't go wrong with classic white and gold. Lightweight, playful, and 100% handcrafted, these pair perfectly with monochrome outfits, and can even serve as statement bridal earrings.

3. 2-Way Kadawat Stone Beaded Earrings

lady wearing Kadawat Stone Beaded Earrings
Kadawat Stone Beaded Earrings

These two-way stone beaded earrings are double the fun—wear them as fun studs or dangling statement pieces. Rock yours at upcoming celebrations, dinner dates, or even on a beach vacation. 

4. 3-Way Maihagan Beaded Earrings

lady wearing Maihagan Beaded Earrings
Maihagan Beaded Earrings

You've just seen two-way earrings—with this pair of dangling beaded earrings, you can style them three different ways!  Mix and match each piece depending on your mood and occasion; opt for a stud when at work, add a detachable layer for casual dinners; and a final layer for night-out celebrations. 

5. Kalintad Beaded Earrings

Kalintad Beaded Earrings
Kalintad Beaded Earrings

Here's a chic addition to your jewelry collection—wear these emerald beaded earrings with your favorite green OOTD or whenever you feel like adding a bright pop of color to a neutral look.

How to Wear Statement Necklaces

Check out our collection of beaded statement necklaces next! These ready-to-layer pieces come in all your favorite colors and are the easiest way to create a gorgeous necklace stack. 

6. Fashion Beaded Necklace with Stone Heart Pendant

Fashion Beaded Necklace with Stone Heart Pendant
Fashion Beaded Necklace

Get hold of this fashion beaded necklace featuring a stone heart pendant. This piece effortlessly combines beauty and charm with its gold-plated pendant adorned with stunning purple crystals and complimented by purple stone beads. This versatile necklace is perfect for any occasion, adding a touch of color to casual date outfits.

7. Freshwater Pearl Beaded Pendant Necklace

Freshwater Pearl Beaded Pendant Necklace

Can't decide which color to get? Stand out with this freshwater pearl beaded necklace, featuring a variety of lively tones and classic neutrals. 

8. Beaded Necklace with Evil Eye Pendant

Beaded Necklace with Evil Eye Pendant
Beaded Necklace with Evil Eye Pendant

Stay stylish with our beaded evil eye pendant necklace The evil eye is said to ward off jealous energy, making this the perfect accessory to wear every day with any look. 

9. Beaded Necklace with Shell Pendant

Beaded Necklace with Shell Pendant
Beaded Necklace with Shell Pendant

Perfect for your next trip to the beach, this beaded statement necklace features a shell pendant and multi-colored beads. Whether you're strolling along the shore or attending a beachside gathering, this necklace is sure to add a touch of coastal charm to your look.

10. Freshwater Baroque Pearl Beaded Pendant Necklace

Freshwater Baroque Pearl Beaded Pendant Necklace

Another accessory sure to make a statement is this freshwater pearl beaded necklace with its vibrant yellow beads and bold baroque pearl for added texture and shine. Layer with colorful beaded necklaces for an island-inspired look or on its own with everyday outfits. 

The right statement jewelry can transform any outfit, making you stand out for any occasion. From bold necklaces to eye-catching earrings, we’ve got a range of stylish pieces that add personality, texture, and color to any OOTD. Shop statement earrings and more accessories at Kultura.  

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