Pilipinas In Your Box: 8 Must-Have Pasalubongs for Balikbayans

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In Filipino culture, pasalubongs are more than just souvenirs; they're tokens of love and connection from balikbayans, Filipinos returning home. They're whispers of "I miss you" across oceans, stories shared through bites of native delicacies and sips of local coffee. 

So, how do you choose pasalubongs that capture the essence of the Philippines? Kultura Filipino is here to help! Whether you’re heading to the Philippines for a holiday or visiting loved ones, we've handpicked the best pasalubongs to fill your bags and balikbayan boxes!

A Taste of Home: Filipino Native Delicacies

Dried Mangoes

Known as the world's best for a reason, our Philippine dried mangoes are perfect for easy, on-the-go snacking, or whenever you're craving a sweet treat. 

Looking for something even sweeter? Try our chocolate dried mangoes, crafted to elevate the crowd-favorite treat. These luscious strips of dried mangoes are dipped in premium local chocolate, creating the quintessential Filipino souvenir. 

pasalubong products

Guadalupe Dried Mangoes 200 Grams

filipino native delicacies

Cebu Best Mango Chocolate 7s

Banana Chips

When it comes to crunchy treats, our banana chips are one of the most requested pasalubongs. Enjoy sweet banana chips with honey sourced from Oriental Mindoro, or snack on Lite banana chips for a low-sugar alternative. 

banana chips

Banana Chips With Honey

best pasalubong from manila

Banana Chips Lite Sweet Original Flavor

Crispy Mushroom Chips

For health enthusiasts who still love to snack, here's the perfect pasalubong: crispy mushroom chips! These fiber-rich treats are baked (not fried!), and are low in sodium and cholesterol, making the perfect, guilt-free pasalubong. 

crispy mushroom chips

Mom's Crispy Mushroom Chips, Garlic Flavor 100g

Local Chocolate Products

Philippine chocolates are a must-have pasalubong for balikbayans. Indulge in our single-origin chocolate, crafted by local farmers from sustainably sourced cacao beans. Find more artisanal cacao products, including traditional hot tablea and all-natural, raw cacao powder from Philippine brands.

cacao products

Auro 64% Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs

philippine chocolate brands

Nutra Rich Davao Fine Tablea 288g

Local Fashion Finds

Souvenir Jackets

Bring home a gift that lets you wear your heritage with style like our new athleisure apparel, including hoodie jackets, knitted sweatshirts, and zip-up jackets. These fashion-forward unisex jackets are a standout pasalubong, letting you flaunt your culture wherever the new year takes you. 

If you’re a fan of Gilas Pilipinas, don’t forget to get yourself our Gilas jacket, so you can represent the Philippines everywhere you go.

mens souvenir jacket

Athleisure Hoodie Jacket in Off White

philippines souvenirs for balikbayans

My Philippines Men's Gilas Jacket

T-Shirt Souvenir

Graphic tees sporting Filipino slang and pop culture references are sure to be conversation starters. Show your Pinoy pride with our set of cap, t-shirts, and baller bracelet with “Philippines” bold print design.

tshirt souvenir

Cap, Shirt, and Baller Set With Philippines Bold Print

Handicrafts and Home Items

If you're looking for pasalubongs that are practical and proudly Filipino-made, our new wooden salad tosser set with a carahorn handle and 2-piece carahorn bread knife set deserve a place on your list. These beautifully crafted pieces are not only stylish but also sustainable, making them the perfect gift for the eco-conscious balikbayan.

Wooden Salad

Wooden Salad Tosser Acacia with Carahorn Handle Varnish Set

Carahorn Bread Knife

2-Piece Carahorn Bread Knife Set

Pasalubongs aren't just gifts, they're bridges between your travels and home. As a balikbayan, sharing these treasures is pure joy! 

Looking for the best pasalubongs from Manila? Kultura Filipino is your one-stop shop! We have everything to warm your Pinoy heart, even when you’re away from home, from native Filipino delicacies to local fashion finds, handcrafted souvenirs, and more.

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