Love Local, Love Your Country

Philippine Flags in a Woven Abaca Basket


Celebrate the Philippines Independence Day and show your love for the country through the constant support of locally-made goods! Whenever you choose to shop Filipino-made products from Kultura, you help uplift small businesses and artisanal communities, thereby contributing to the local economy. 

Moreover, choosing our local products helps you make small but impactful positive effects on the environment. Most of the items we carry are eco-friendly and compatible with a sustainable lifestyle. 

Shop with intention and make meaningful purchases when you opt to buy Pinoy products. What better way to celebrate Independence Day than this?

Here is a selection of locally-made items you can shop for:

Choose modern Filipiniana outfits for women

Kultura has good quality, stylish Filipiniana outfits for women. Find something beautiful and elegant to wear, such as this inabel modern ethnic top, a fabric traditionally handwoven in Northern Ilocos.   

Maria Clara style organza top embroidered piñasilk barong dress 

This Maria Clara style organza top is perfect for formal events, with hand-painted floral designs so no two are exactly alike. 

Need something classic yet modern for a formal dinner party? Try this embroidered piñasilk barong dress boasting traditional patterns. It is made of piñasilk fiber, an indigenous Philippine fiber made from the leaves of the pineapple plant.

Choose barong and casual clothing for men

With designers exploring ingenious designs to modernize Filipiniana, the same can be said for barongs for men. 

Find a whole range of men’s clothing from local brands at Kultura. We can provide you with several clothing options to wear for grand celebrations and events. Look dapper and handsome in a gorgeous formal embroidered barong made from jusilin fabric carefully handcrafted by Filipino artisans.


Add t-shirts with Filipino-themed designs and casual collared shirts for an everyday look. Many of our shirts have hand-painted designs and are proudly made in the Philippines. Complete your wardrobe without buying from foreign brands. 

Choose Philippine-made pearl jewelry and accessories

Filipino-made jewelry highlights the creativity and skill of local artisans.

This necklace is an excellent example of skillfully crafted jewelry made from upcycled carabao horns, incorporating semi-precious stones. This oval citrine semi-precious bracelet is made with yellowish citrine oval beads with yellow flares. 


Philippine south sea pearls are the main feature of these high-quality earrings. Kultura offers exquisite, authentic Philippine-made pearl jewelry and accessories that deserve to be bought, worn, and shown off. 

Choose local products for your home

Fill your home with items made by local artisans using local materials. Kultura offers a wide selection of these sustainable home items to choose from. 


Add warmth to your living room with soft, cozy handwoven sofa throws. They are handmade using traditional looms by expert weavers of the Ilocos region. 

Have some guests dining with you? Elevate their experience by using this kamagong wood spoon server for meals. Kamagong is indigenous to the Philippines and valued for its beautiful color and grain. 

Keep these handwoven bath towels for everyone’s use after the shower. Whenever you purchase these towels, you help support a community of weavers in Bicol.

Commemorate this day as one which Filipinos who fought for their freedom. But more importantly, start supporting local and buying Pinoy products now! 

Visit any Kultura branch or website to shop for your selected local products. You can also send us a message, and our personal shoppers will gladly assist you. 

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