Kultura Celebrates Every Filipina With Timeless Filipina Attires

There’s undeniable beauty in every Filipina attire. From its beautiful sheer fabric to its elegant butterfly sleeves, it’s incredible how the Filipiniana has evolved gracefully to fit current style and trends. 

Incorporating Filipina attires into everyday wear

When was the last time you wore a Filipiniana? It’s probably during your school’s Buwan ng Wika or on a formal occasion like weddings. But if given a chance, will you gladly include it as part of your daily wear? 

Innovative designers have made an effort to integrate the elegance and sleekness of Filipina attires into our everyday. Aside from creating modern Filipina dresses, they can now be a part of casual fits.

Multi-Colored Binakul Ethnic Blazer

Save up to 10% when you buy this blazer from Raffaella at Kultura. With beautiful ethnic prints made from Binakul material, pair it with a plain neutral top and bottoms and simple accessories to make it stand out.

Traditional Barong with Embroidery

Look well put together at work with this unique number from Mayumi. Made with gorgeous Organza fabric, fall in love with its intricate embroidery and design. Complete it with slacks and pearl accessories for a neat and chic look.

Silk Cocoon Barong Top with Short Puff Sleeves 

Turn heads with this modern silk cocoon top in color very peri from Nuevo Ystilo. This piece is the perfect pop of color you need for your daily wear.

Enthralling the world one Filipiniana at a time

To promote the Filipiniana ensemble, many talented Filipino designers bank on its signature key elements. They use its elegant lines and silhouette to create modern Filipina dresses that compete even on international stages.

When it comes to authentic Filipina attires, you don’t have to look any further. Kultura Filipino offers a carefully curated Filipiniana collection on their online store. 

Support local while you order your modern Filipina dresses today!