Incredible Pinoy Handicrafts You Should Bring Back Home

Handmade novelties and baubles all have their place in our homes. The question is, which one will suit your home best? Check out our available items at Kultura!

Many of what Kultura Filipino offers are Pinoy products that focus on highlighting natural materials, boasting a nostalgic feel for your home. These handicrafts were made by talented local hands for the purpose of bringing the art and culture of the Philippines closer to everyone.

So feel free to step right into our online store and see which incredible Pinoy handicrafts you should bring back home!

Trinkets galore

The most popular items in the Philippines souvenirs section are the tiny little models that remind visiting overseas Filipino workers of home once they go back abroad. From Model Jeepneys and Tricycles to the old-school Kalesas and Vintas, the smallest of baubles create a sense of nostalgia for the Filipinos who can never get enough of their heritage. 

 Mini Gold Tin with Wooden Base Vinta

A fan favorite in our catalog is the Model Philippines Sorbetes Cart model, which has sparked some fond memories for our customers. Its golden color is reminiscent of those mango and cheese-flavored ice creams they once had on the streets as children. The model itself is a charming miniature piece that can do wonders for your decorative tables or shelves.

Decorate the walls with Filipino handicrafts

Walls often bear family portraits and framed posters, but sometimes it can get a little bland when that’s the only thing decorating your home. One of our best decors features a framed trio of local butterflies that adds a bit of an exotic touch to one’s abode. It is a portrait that depicts the beauty of Filipino nature - encased delicately in a glass frame. 

3 Pieces Framed Butterflies Ukulele with Watermelon Design

Some of our more eccentric customers have come to our stores looking to buy something quirky that can be used as an eye-catching piece. Our most popular product for this isn't a portrait or a frame, but rather an affordable ukulele that was handcrafted by fun-loving artisans. It boasts a watermelon design that reminds people of the simpler times, when the best sweets were fruits and the best toys were simple wood-carved pieces.

Woodcraft novelties and other accessories

Sometimes the best handicrafts are the ones that make the most of their small sizes. For example, a couple dozen varieties of mobile stands are available in the open market. They are usually made of plastic and lack character. Compare them to the Wooden Filipino Tablet holder - which uses Acacia wood to give it a local, premium feel - and the difference is stark. This item also features hand-carved symbols reminiscent of the Filipino flag and the Philippine islands. You can definitely feel the love poured on these stands by the artisans that made them. 

Other items such as the Bamboo Handle Back Scratcher, the Kamagong Thumb Massager, and the Plain Wooden with Sigay Sungka all make for decorative, functional items to keep or give as gifts. Whichever one you pick, they will certainly light up your home through their Filipino-inspired designs.

Visit Kultura Filipino stores or for a lot more options! It’s the best place for Filipino-made clothing and souvenirs. By buying from our stores, you are also helping your fellow artisans through supporting local work and increasing awareness of the great quality of locally-made goods.