How to Sustainably Welcome the New Year

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Getting things organized in your personal space increases efficiency and creates a more relaxing atmosphere. To accomplish more tasks in less time this new year, it’s best to reduce clutter and keep things organized. 

Here are some simple tips to help you welcome 2023 with a clean slate!

1. Commit to decluttering your home. 

First things first, declutter your home by donating old clothes, books, kitchenware, furniture, and more instead of throwing them away. Not only does donating keep a home clutter-free, but it helps those in need. You can also give back to the neighborhood by holding a garage sale or giving away pre-loved items as hand-me-downs to family and friends.

2. Look around and check what can be recycled. 

Reusing glass, plastic, and wood containers as upcycled organizers for closets, drawers, and workstations will save you a lot of money. Turn glass jars into pencil holders, or upcycle plastic containers into garden planters. Shoeboxes and jewelry boxes can be used as sturdy dresser drawer organizers. 

3. Try going paperless. 

Environmental issues extend beyond plastic. Paper also clutters homes and deforests. Reducing energy, water, and tree consumption help protect the environment. . Many organizations provide paperless billing and numerous ways to unsubscribe from regular mail. Set up a receipt email account to arrange them at tax time and avoid paper clutter on countertops and in bags.

4. Choose sustainable storage solutions.

Look for storage containers created from natural or recycled materials when sorting your valuables. Bamboo, abaca, rattan, and water hyacinths are common materials in locally produced baskets and organizers that typically have a greater quality and are also biodegradable. 

These locally-made organizers for the home will save you both time and money in the long term and minimize the amount of plastic produced. Kultura provides sustainable home storage solutions that can help you make the most of the space at home. From large storage baskets to trays, check out these storage must-haves to get your house in order:

Shelf and cabinet organizers

Keep your storage shelves tidy with our decorative and functional handwoven bamboo organizer. Lined with cloth, these bamboo organizers can keep your towels, toys, clothes, and snacks well-organized and displayed. Use these baskets in your living room cabinets, bedroom closet space, or aesthetic kitchen pantry!

Bella Dos Bamboo Organizer with Lining

Bella Dos Bamboo Organizer with Lining

Clear your kitchen counter and cabinet spaces of clutter with this beautiful and practical knitted abaca glass organizer. Perfect for kitchen and dining areas, you can keep your glassware in this basket organizer and even use it to display your more attractive ones. You can also put it to use for other items like glass bottles, jewelry, souvenirs, and more!

Storage baskets and trays

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home with this boat-shaped woven nito tray. It’s a well-crafted woven tray that you can easily use to neatly store trinkets or cutlery.


Our gorgeous round woven basket will add a unique touch to any home. Handmade abaca baskets are one-of-a-kind creations that combine traditional handicraft techniques with modern design. Organize your toys, kitchen items, and toiletries with this basket!


Plant baskets and planters

Feel good about bringing greenery into your home with our handmade planter baskets. Ditch the plastic pots and grow your plants in the comfort of your home with eco-friendly planters for your indoor and outdoor plants. With its versatile design, you can also use this planter as a decorative rattan storage basket. 

Ester Planter Small

Ester Planter Small

With the new year fast approaching, it’s time to start decluttering your home with the help of Kultura’s sustainable storage solutions! Keep in mind these extra home storage tips to live an eco-friendly, clutter-free life. 

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