How to Style Modern Filipiniana and Barong for Formal Events

How to Style Modern Filipiniana and Barong for Formal Events

There's nothing like traditional Filipino formal wear—the Filipiniana and Barong Tagalog—for dressing up on special occasions. Perfect for formal events, Filipiniana for women and Barong for men carry a rich history dating back centuries.

Filipino native attires are elegant and stylish and have evolved over time to become a significant part of Filipino fashion. At Kultura, you can get these traditional attires tweaked to suit the modern taste of modern Filipinos.

How to Stay Stylish in Modern Filipiniana and Barong

Nowadays, Filipiniana parties and celebrations like weddings, anniversaries, graduation, and more require elegant clothes devoid of excessive frills. This is achieved through exquisite and romantic Filipiniana and Barong.

Local designers updated the Filipiniana and Barong Tagalong while keeping their traditional designs and historical roots. Here are ways you can carry off a modern Filipiniana and Barong Tagalog with style without looking stale.

Cropped Terno

The elegance and refinement of Terno clothing make it a wardrobe must-have. However, some may find it difficult to achieve a well-proportioned aesthetic with such architectural sleeves. 

Cropped outfits with butterfly sleeves are the best way to wear them without sacrificing your figure. It is possible to achieve a cinched-in waist with modern terno tops. They're also a classy way to expose a little skin.

Contrast Is In

Floral embroideries and pastel hues are common features of traditional Filipino attire. Consider contrasting their aesthetics to amp up the style. Women can go for a feminine barong and a flowy skirt. Elegant metallic accessories can also complete an outfit to get the his-and-her look.

Show Art

A barong is a receptacle for its country's native art and culture. Wearing them in an artistic manner is, thus, only natural. Local artisans weave piña silk and jusi into elegant clothing with stunning embroidery and hand-painted designs. Terno shirts with pineapple designs are a playful and elegant way to enjoy the tropics.

Stylish Modern Filipiniana and Barong You Should Own

Kultura has an extensive collection of stylish and unique traditional Filipiniana and Barong clothing, perfect for any Filipiniana-themed celebration. Check out some of the elegant modern Filipiniana for women and Barong Tagalong for men.

Elegant feminine for Filipinas

Add a touch of glamour to your overall Filipiniana look with a feminine and flattering lace bolero jacket. A terno-style bolero with sequin details will be your go-to outfit for any occasion and casual setting. It’s easy to style over a plain blouse or camisa coupled with a long silk mikado skirt. You can dress up or down this combination depending on your mood.
Women's Scarlette Lace Bolero
Women's Scarlette Lace Bolero
Women's Traditional Mikado Blue Gore Skirt
A sleeveless Filipiniana dress is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe, especially those with a modern twist. Try out this modern chic long silk gown made from piña cocoon silk. Show off its soft shift silhouette and ribbon neckline at a destination wedding or anniversary celebrations.
Women's Pina Cocoon Silk Fenina Long Gown
Women's Pina Cocoon Silk Fenina Long Gown
Old fashioned yet modern, our puffed sleeves terno top is a delight to wear at Filipiniana parties. This terno top is made of natural silk and looks amazing with sleek pants or a long silk skirt. Its breezy puffed sleeves tops will keep you looking cool, comfy, and chic for important occasions.

Filipino Gentleman’s Style

Every Filipino gentleman must have his ensemble of stylish barong Tagalog for any formal Filipiniana-themed occasion. A white formal long-sleeved barong is an heirloom piece in barong Tagalog for men. Silk cocoon barongs are lightweight and comfortable to wear. If you want a modern spin on the traditional barong, go for the colored ones.

Men's Embroidered Silk Cocoon Barong
Men's Embroidered Silk Cocoon Barong

Embroidered barong in black is perfect for showing your Filipino pride. These unique garments are handmade by Filipino artisans and feature intricate embroidery. A blue barong with a full collar and intricate embroidery looks splendid for a party host or guest.

Men's Black Embroidered Silk Cocoon Barong

Durability and elegance are the hallmarks of a gray organdy barong Tagalog with a sophisticated hand-embroidered design. Still in style, you can wear this barong to the office or to a social event.

Kultura is the perfect place to shop for traditional Filipino formal wear and other Filipino fashion. We carry a wide range of fashionable Filipiniana dresses, modern barong Tagalog, terno tops, and more that provide you with a distinctive experience that you will love wearing. 

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