How To Look Good In A Barong Tagalog

Barong-filipino-beige-cocoon-silk-barong at Kultura Filipino

With the help of Filipino designers, the barong tagalog continues to be a fashion staple worn for huge events and grand celebrations. And like Filipiniana dresses, it has gone through its share of evolution and transformation.

While there are some men who favor suits due to it being a universal formal attire, there are many who continue to proudly don the official and national costume of the Philippines. True, the barong may be traditional, but its charm and elegance can’t be denied. 

Be it for an intimate wedding or an important gathering, here’s how you can look your best with a barong tagalog:

Choose your fabric

A barong tagalog can come in different types of fabric. There are those made from abaca, organza, jusi, cocoon silk, and many others. But, if you want to stand out, then have one made in luxurious pure piña, the best and finest of all Philippine hand-woven fabric. 

Pick your undershirt wisely

The barong tagalog requires an undergarment because of its transparent nature. Because of this, what’s worn underneath can immediately affect the overall appearance of the barong. Thus, having a tailored long-sleeved camisa de chino can do wonders. If your budget doesn’t allow it, then make sure to meticulously find one that suits your barong. 

Button up

Unlike other shirts, barong tagalogs are not suited for its buttons to be unfastened. Look clean, handsome, and sophisticated buttoned up!

Have the right fit

Avoid looking lousy by making sure your barong tagalog fits you just right. Go for a slim cut and fit instead of something loose. While you’re at it, you should also make sure you have enough room for comfortable movement. Remember, a tight-fitting barong is as bad as a loose-fitting one!

It’s amazing how the barong tagalog adapted in these modern times. With the help of enthusiastic and talented Filipino fashion designers, the barong has transcended its era and continues to uplift Philippine traditions and culture.

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