How to Incorporate the Barong Into Your Daily Wear

Growing up Filipino means that you have probably donned a barong for corporate events or special occasions. Unfortunately, this dapper piece doesn’t get much love beyond formalwear. Since Filipiniana is currently enjoying a revival and appearing more often in women’s daily wardrobes, why not the barong for modern gentlemen?

How to Incorporate the Barong Into Your Daily Wear - available in Kultura

At Kultura, we’re making a case for infusing the polo barong into your everyday style! Taking inspiration from traditional silhouettes and details but giving it a more contemporary spin, we’re reimagining the barong into a style must-have to take beyond the limits of the office and dressy occasions into the streets.

Forget the stiff look of barongs and style them in your own way to express your personal style- tuck them into wide leg trousers, layer them over tank tops and mix them with your favorite wardrobe staples. Choose barongs crafted from a range of fabrics like silk/linen, ramie linen and cotton blends, casual enough to allow rolling up the sleeves or pairing with non-dress slacks or jeans.

Paying homage to the tradition of embroidery but with a more current feel, this Beige Polo Barong with geometric embroidery (P5999) brings the romance of Filipino culture to your daily style.

Beige Polo Barong with geometric embroidery (Php 5999)

Tuck this Brown Polo Barong with geometric embroidery (P1799.75) neatly into slacks for a preppy Pinoy statement, or pair it with edgier bottoms and sneakers for an unexpected contrast.

Keep shirt jacks untucked—the band at the hem gives it a clean retro look that pairs perfectly with your favorite trousers for urban adventures. Try our Embroidered Shirt Jack in Blue (P1499), or the Plain Shirt Jack in Cream (P1499).

Brown Polo Barong with geometric embroidery. Available at Kultura (Php 1799.75)

Blue embroidered shirt jack from Kultura (Php 1499)

When you want a versatile and timeless piece that you can dress up for weddings or dress down with jeans, reach for this Embroidered Half-open Silk Cocoon Polo Barong (P5999).

For minimalists, opt for this elegant Silk/linen Polo Barong with subtle pintucks in place of elaborate embroidery (P1499). This sartorial piece will go with anything—from khakis or denims for date nights, to shorts for that effortless tropical vibe.

Half-open Silk Cocoon Polo Barong (Php 5999)

Silk_Linen Pintuck Barong from Kultura (Php 7999)

Meanwhile, the full open polo barongs will look great whether buttoned up or worn open and layered with an inner tee for a chill, laidback feel. Barong on the weekends, why not? Opt for this Embroidered Full Open Silk Cocoon Polo Barong (P5999) or dress down a notch with this Black Embroidered Cotton Guayabera (P899). For an even more relaxed yet thoughtfully considered style, reach for this Short-sleeved Linen Shirt With Kalinga Weave (P5999).

When you want a sharp, special piece that makes a statement, reach for this Black Embroidered Coat Barong (P9999.75). Intriguing and elegant, it will make you stand out wherever you go.

Full Open Silk Cocoon Polo Barong (Php 5999)

Black embroidered cotton guayabera (Php 899)

Short sleeve linen shirt with Binakol weave (Php 5999)

Black embroidered coat from Kultura (Php 9999.75)


With a subtle nod to local dressing traditions but adapted for daily use, the Barong encourages you to express your unique personal style. Layer, mix and match, dress it up or dress it down—it’s about time we wear the barong every day, beyond the confines of the office or formal occasions. From coat barongs to shirt jacks and polo barongs, these versatile pieces are meant to be worn everywhere and every day with pride.

Visit your nearest Kultura store now! We’d love to see how you celebrate Filipino heritage by wearing our #streetstylebarongs. Tag us in your OOTDs!