Go Lokal for Great Finds!

Go Lokal Buy Local at Kultura

Discover great finds while supporting proudly homegrown businesses.

As we slowly recover from the effects of the pandemic, one of the most feasible ways to reenergize our economy is to patronize our local products whenever possible. Kultura is happy to help you find the very best our islands have to offer through our partnership with Go Lokal!

But first—what is Go Lokal? Go Lokal is an amazing initiative by the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) to help Filipino MSMEs enter the mainstream market. In 2017, Kultura partnered with DTI Go Lokal as a shopping platform to help make quality homegrown products more accessible to consumers here and across the globe.

Ready to choose local? Here’s a peek at some of the best-selling Go Lokal products you’ll find on our shelves.

 Kultura Handwoven Inabel Sofa Throw


Bring comfort and warmth to your space with Beyond Borders’ classic inabel blankets, throws, and hand towels in a rainbow of soothing colors. Each handwoven piece is crafted on an antique wooden loom, using a technique passed down through generations. These keepsake pieces will also make beautiful wedding or housewarming gifts to be loved for years to come.

 Native Abaca Handbag at Kultura


Wearing local has become a matter of pride in recent years, and it’s important to make sure this mindful shift isn’t just a trend, but here to stay. If you’re hesitant about going full-on Filipiniana, the easiest way to infuse local into your wardrobe is via accessories. Make a vibrant statement with Lipi’s handbags featuring handloomed textiles, or reach for Tropiko’s handwoven abaca and leather tote for year-round tropical vibes. For sandal-lovers, slip into Tropiko’s chic and comfy slides, proudly made with indigenous and sustainable abaca, accented with leather in lovely neutrals.



Looking for Filipino snacks with an inventive twist? We’ve got you!

Discover a whole range of your fave banana chips, from classic Golden Saba Banana Chips Thins by Michelle’s Homemade, to Mom’s Hand-cooked Honey Lemon Kissed Banana Chips—how yummy-sounding is that?

Premium Pork Chicharon

Come cocktail hour, bring out Memz Premium Pork Chicharon or Crackle Snacks’ Salted Egg Chicharon. Pulutan, but make it fancy!

Watching your diet? Opt for plant-based, preservative-free brands like Take Root and Oh So Healthy that offer healthier and delicious snack alternatives (Kale Chips! Squash-Cheese Baked Crisps! Kimchi Crisps! Coconut, Purple Yam, and Banana!). Made with real veggies, they’re not only better for you, but help local farmers, too.

If coconut oil is a household staple, consider making the switch to Laurin CocoMCT Oil. A powerful and unique blend of antibacterial Lauric Acid and MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides is the healthiest part of coconut oil), Laurin CocoMCT is zero-carb, high energy goodness for better nutrition and quality of life.

And if you want to send a thoughtful care package to a loved one or balikbayan friend, food is always welcome! Fill a lovely handwoven abaca basket (also available at Kultura!) with local jams, like classic Strawberry by Henry’s Harvest or the uniquely tropical Coconut Jam with Chili by Quezon’s Best. To sweeten the deal, tuck in a bottle of Bounty Fresh Honig by Miel de Oro’s 100% Pure Honey, or bzzz.ph’s Cinnamon Honey—natural is always best!

Discover these best-selling Go Lokal finds and so much more in store at Kultura, or shop online at www.kulturafilipino.com