Gifts for Your Wedding Entourage and Guests

It is part of the Philippines’ wedding culture to give thoughtful tokens and souvenirs to the entourage and guests. Why not give Filipino-made products to commemorate your wedding?

Here are some wonderful gift ideas you can shop from Kultura. These commemorative  items are both decorative and functional, so your entourage and guests can appreciate them even more. 

For your Wedding Entourage

Provide your wedding entourage with hand fans that serve a dual purpose. The fans can be used during the wedding as part of their look. Afterward, it’s theirs to keep and use for other occasions. 

Make sure you choose the color and design of fans that match your wedding theme. This petal-shaped abaca fan has a striking blue color, excellent for outfits with contrasting vibrant hues or neutral tones.


You can stick to basic white with this hand-loomed jusi fabric fan, especially if your wedding has natural hues in its palette. 

Likewise, earrings are wedding tokens that serve a double purpose. It can be both your entourage’s official wedding accessory and wedding token. 

Give them a special pair of earrings like these freshwater pearl stud earrings. Elegant for special occasions and everyday use, these are tokens that they will appreciate. 


If you wish to give them something fancy, these pearl stud earrings with a sterling silver frame are also a good option. 

Tableware sets made of Mother of Pearl are an elegant choice. Show your appreciation to them for being part of your special day with a complete Mother of Pearl set. If you want something more subtle, go for Tahanan’s handcrafted plate with a spoon set instead. 


Picture frames make useful souvenirs as well. These mother of pearl frames come in a variety of sizes.


For your wedding guests

Give your wedding guests hand fans as tokens. You can have a selection different from those you gave to your entourage. 

Choose this beautiful Spanish fan with a flower on one side or one with flowers painted across it. You can give away fans of different colors or stick to a color that fits the overall look of your day. 


Small boxes or containers are simple yet useful tokens for guests. Prepare some creatively designed heart-shaped box or utility box, where you can place small accessories or pencils with customized messages inside.


Simple stud earrings are good examples of small accessories to go along with a beautiful heart-shaped box. You can choose between button-shaped silver pearls and classic grey pearls.


Have you already made your choice about what to give your wedding entourage and guests? Visit any Kultura branch or shop online to buy your chosen Filipino-made products as wedding favors.

You can also send them a message, and their personal shoppers will gladly assist you. 

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