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A pearl has its own unique beauty, making it one of the most valuable natural gems. It is described as lustrous, pure, radiant, and more. Let’s learn more about pearls and take a look at how they are formed, their types, and how to find the perfect pearl just for you at Kultura Filipino!

How Are Pearls Formed

A pearl is formed naturally from bivalves like oysters and freshwater mussels. The pearl-making process begins when a foreign microscopic substance enters an oyster or mussel’s shell. The bivalves will then secrete layers of nacre—the same substance as their shell, to encase the foreign substance. This happens to protect themselves, thus creating natural pearls.

Cultured pearls, on the other hand, are commercially produced. The pearl farming process requires a skilled pearl grafting technician to manually insert a nucleus and mantle tissue into an oyster or mollusk. This procedure induces nacre secretion and, finally, the growth of a cultured pearl.

Know Your Pearls

There are different types of cultured pearls available in the market today: Freshwater, South Sea, Tahitian, and Akoya, each with its own distinct features.

1. Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are among the most popularly produced pearls in the world. Farmed primarily in freshwater lakes and ponds in China, this pearl type produces natural pastel shades of pink, peach, lavender, and white. It ranges from round to baroque shapes and has the largest size range of all modern cultured pearls.

2. South Sea Pearls

Recognized for their naturally white and golden color, South Sea pearls are sourced from Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. These pearls are farmed in the Pinctada maxima saltwater oyster. From baroque to perfectly round shapes, you can find white, silver, or golden South Sea pearls with rose, gold, or bronze overtones.

Asron South Sea Pearl Stud Earrings in 14K Gold Setting
Asron South Sea Pearl Stud Earrings in 14K Gold Setting

3. Tahitian Pearls

A Tahitian pearl is cultivated primarily around the islands of French Polynesian islands from the Tahitian pearl oyster or “Black Lip” oyster. It is famous for its naturally black-colored pearls, with iridescent Peacock, Green, or Aubergine overtones. The perfectly round Tahitian pearls are the rarest and most valuable pearl type of color.

4. Akoya Pearls

Known as the classic white pearl, Akoya pearls are mostly cultured in Japan, China, and Vietnam. These saltwater pearls are described as perfectly round with mirror-like details and luster.  Its trademark color is white with rose, silver, and cream overtones.

How Much Is a Pearl in the Philippines

South Sea Pearls farmed in the Philippine waters are considered one of the rarest and most expensive cultured pearls in the market. As the leading country in pearl culture, we have produced the largest and most expensive natural pearl in the world—The Pearl of Puerto Princesa, valued at $100 Million.

The value of a Philippine pearl in the market depends on its size, color, luster, surface quality, and shape. This type of pearl is the best investment any woman should have in her jewelry collection.

Find Your Perfect Pearls at Kultura

Each piece of pearl jewelry has a story to tell, no matter the type, color, or shape. One of the world’s most coveted gems, it is also considered the only living gem and becomes more beautiful worn against one’s skin.

Discover Kultura’s NEW Pearl Collection and find the perfect pearl for your individual qualities and characteristics. Here’s how to wear pearls in 2023 to express your unique personality.

Look Radiant and Lustrous in Freshwater Pearls

Lustrous in Freshwater Pearls

If there is one type of pearl that can bring out your inner glow and natural radiance, it’s none other than freshwater pearls. Farmed in natural and man-made freshwater lakes and ponds, freshwater pearls are known for their unique range of natural colors, shapes, and sizes.

Similar to how a woman exudes a radiant glow on her best days, freshwater pearls have a warm, soft, and satin luster that makes them seem to glow from within. These pearls also have gleaming pastel colors in white, peach, pink, and lavender, which suit a classic elegant style.

freshwater pearls

A popular choice for most jewelry, freshwater pearls can be designed as a classic string of pearls or modern lariat, a pair of stud pearl earrings on its own, or set with other gemstones. Bring out your radiance with our exquisite freshwater pearl jewelry.

Feel Timeless in South Sea Pearls

Feel Timeless in South Sea Pearls

Recognized as the Queen of Pearls, South Sea Pearls radiate timeless luxury. South Sea pearls earned its title as the most sought-after pearl in the world because of its brilliant natural white and gold colors.

Its soft satin luster effect displays a charming inner glow that partly contributes to its rarity among other types of pearls. South Sea pearls’ luminous qualities equal that of a woman’s grace and rarity. With delicate overtones that shimmer naturally, these pearls are an unmistakable choice for jewelry if you want to feel eternal.

dangling pearl earrings

A pair of South Sea pearl earrings in the Philippines will always be a staple piece of jewelry for a timeless look like our new dangling pearl earrings in a 14K gold setting.

Be Bold and Edgy in Baroque Pearls

Be Bold and Edgy in Baroque Pearls

Unlike perfectly smooth and round-shaped pearls, baroque pearls are characterized by their irregular, free-form shape and uneven surface. These ornate pearls come in egg, oval, coin, or teardrop forms. Most of these pearls are found among Freshwater, South Sea, Tahitian, and Akoya pearls.

What makes baroque pearls special is their one-of-a-kind nature. They’ve become a superior choice for making accessories because of their brilliant luster and rich multi-tone colors. It’s for this reason that baroque pearls are ideal for modern ladies who prefer unconventional statement jewelry over traditional pearls. Be fearless in styling and wearing our elegant baroque pearls.

Be fearless in styling and wearing our elegant baroque pearls.d

Find the perfect pearls that complement your radiance, natural beauty, timeless charm, lustrous allure, delicate grace, and edgy elegance. Discover Kultura’s newest pearl collection, a beautiful range of precious pearl pieces to reflect your own unique style.

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