Back and Bigger: Kultura's Filipino Design Studio at Mega Fashion Hall

Back and bigger than ever! Returning this May 2 to 9 at Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall – Kultura's Filipino Design Studio, featuring products proudly made in the Philippines.

The event is a welcoming, community-based space that fosters connections between like-minded brands dedicated to celebrating Filipino culture. The biggest Filipino Design Studio to date, we’re bringing together over 70 guest brands, house labels, and social enterprises. With a focus on all things Pinoy, from Barong Tagalog and modern Filipiniana, to resort wear, pearls and accessories, tropical home decor and wellness essentials; explore new, up-and-coming brands alongside familiar favorites.

As we continue to highlight products with a purpose, we've selected numerous brands based on their commitment to environmentally friendly practices and support for local artisan communities. Social enterprise Hibla PH offers a range of apparel made from authentic Philippine textiles, while also hosting workshops focused on activities like upcycling accessories and bracelet weaving. Another example is Ruyág Native Products Manufacturing, which employs Bicolano artisans who handcraft bags using natural materials to leave a lesser carbon footprint. Home decor and furniture brand Likha+Mundo scouts small, “mom-and-pop” craft businesses from around the nation, giving them a larger platform to share their creations.


This season’s line-up is also set to feature handmade jewelry by Virtucio Fashion Designs and Mjorian; Filipiniana-inspired pieces by Raquel’s Piña Cloth Products, C&C lifestyle, and Handwoven Beauty; home essentials by Woven, Dwellbeing, and WIX Cozy Homes. 

Take a look at the full line-up. Discover and delight in local artistry at Kultura’s Filipino Design Studio from May 2 to 9 at Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, EDSA corner Doña Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City.

Learn more about the event on @KulturaFilipino Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Check out the full list of brands below:


Adela Puls - handcrafted bag brand embracing slow fashion 

Amber & Anne  - colorful embroidered placemats and coasters for every occasion

And Again Clothing - fashionable apparel sustainably made from upcycled flour sacks, scraps, and surplus fabric

Binibini Marikit - everyday apparel inspired by Filipino heritage and folklore 

Brave Story - lifestyle brand that embraces slow fashion, creating apparel from repurposed local textiles in limited quantities

C&C Lifestyle - unique, handmade apparel brand that partners with home-based weaving communities

D’ Bayong Art Gallery - vibrant pandan bayong bags, hand-painted by local artists

Dwellbeing - natural, small-batch personal care brand that advocates upcycling, empowering, and giving back 

Ethnique - colorful, trendy beachwear and bags 

Idyllic Summers - handmade apparel inspired by European and East Asian garments by weavers in Abra and Iloilo

HandwovenBeauty - traditional and modern Inabel Filipiniana brand partnering with over 100 local weavers

Hibla Philippines - social enterprise preserving heritage and empowering weaving communities through Filipiniana-inspired apparel

Likha+Mundo - home decor and furniture brand that supports small mom-and-pop craft businesses from around the region

Lily Jewelry - dainty jewelry inspired by travel, nature, artisans’ stories, and craftsmanship of various cultures 

Macopa - trendy, one-of-a-kind apparel sustainably made from upcycled flour sacks

Masabel Iloco - distinctly-Ilocano apparel and accessories made with abel weave patterns

Mjorian - handmade, island-inspired jewelry featuring semi-precious stones and pearls

Raquel’s Piña Cloth Products - handwoven apparel made from piña by skilled Aklanon weavers 

Red Slab Pottery - mobilizing community members of Victoria, Tarlac, through ethnic-inspired pottery

Ruyág Native Products Manufacturing - organic, eco-friendly bags handcrafted by Bicolano artisans

Virtucio Fashion Designs - handcrafted statement jewelry made with pearls, wood, resin and more

WIX Cozy Homes - homegrown, hand-poured candle brand promoting self-care through aromatherapy

Woven - handmade accessories and home items for the modern Filipino lifestyle, by local crafting communities 

Ziya Style - statement outerwear and tropical-themed apparel 



A-M and Ayesha Gemstones - authentic freshwater pearl and gemstone jewelry 

Agsam Fashion Fern - handwoven accessories by indigenous weavers using agsam, a fern plant native to Surigao del Sur

Anmari & Co. - handcrafted bags made from natural materials such as buntal, tikog, raffia, and rattan

Aurea Pearl - authentic premium quality South Sea pearl jewelry in classic designs 

Auro Chocolate - award-winning, tree-to-bar chocolate featuring unique Filipino flavors 

Barong Filipino - traditional and modern Barong Tagalog by a family-owned enterprise

Barong Lumban - traditional and modern Barongs, from corporate wear to coat Barongs 

Berches Barong - laser-cut and embroidered modern Barongs

Berches Filipiniana - laser-cut and embroidered modern Filipiniana

Boho Manila - vibrant, bohemian-inspired statement jewelry handcrafted by Filipina mothers

CacaoMistry - instant cacao drink developed by a chemist-mom, including sugar-free and plant-based options

Cocoa Monster - Philippine-made cocoa products including tablea, dried fruit dipped in chocolate, and cocoa powder

Cocobody - variety of natural personal care products made with virgin coconut oil 

Dermtropics - organic, sustainably-packaged personal care products made with virgin coconut oil 

Destileria Barako - craft distillery best known for international award-winning ube cream liquor

Eva Marie Arts & Crafts - colorful handmade bags crafted from tikog reeds 

First Botanicals - natural personal care products supporting local coconut and calamansi farmers

Flutter Statement Jewelry - larger-than-life, luxury statement jewelry

For Keeps Clean Beauty - body care essentials made with botanical ingredients and high-quality essential oils

Global Filipina - traditional and modern Filipiniana, from terno boleros to silk cocoon dresses and more 

Gourmet Farms - organically-farmed coffee, tea, and healthy chip alternatives

Haspe Design Studio - home items and decor sustainably crafted from excess wood and locally-sourced materials 

Hijo - resort wear for men in classic, earth-toned colors 

Intricado - vibrant, resort-ready clothing featuring tropical prints and unique silhouettes

Islas Filipinas - resort wear line for men and women featuring tops with handwoven accents and embroidered polo shirts

Jhaz Footwear - abaca footwear with unique designs made by a family-owned enterprise based in Laguna

Kaffea - coffee and chocolate drinks sweetened with low-glycemic coconut sugar

Kangkong King - the nation’s first ever flavored kangkong chips 

Kara De Juan - ethically-made accessories upcycled from discarded carabao horn

Karne Litson Kawali - litson kawali chips, including classic and keto-friendly flavors 

Khai Asia Pearls - genuine freshwater and South Sea pearl jewelry in modern designs

La Obra - resort wear for women in summery silhouettes and earth-toned colors 

LJ Pearls - stylish South Sea and freshwater pearl accessories 

Malagos Chocolate - premium, award-winning chocolates sourced from Davao

Mayumi - Filipiniana formal wear and handwoven tops 

My Gems - semi-precious stone and pearl jewelry made for layering 

Nuevo Ystilo - modern Filipiniana made using traditional techniques and natural dyes

Our Little Ideas - towels and blankets made by weaving communities in Bicol using traditional techniques on antique looms

Rurungan sa Tubod - Palawan-based nonprofit teaching underserved women piña and cotton weaving technology 

SaBroso Tsokolate - artisanal chocolate products crafted using cacao beans sourced from Camiguin

Salbahe Chili - flavored peanuts, chili oil, and more spicy snacks

Simoy ng Haraya - small-batch personal care and home essentials such as candles, reed diffusers, and room sprays

Theo & Philo Artisan Chocolates - high-quality chocolate in distinctive Pinoy flavors, crafted from Davao cacao beans

Tygie - colorful modern Filipiniana including wrap blouses, organza skirts, and dresses

Yasira IL Magnifica - variety of authentic South Sea pearl jewelry sourced from Palawan

Yoga Love - mindfully-made personal care and wellness products that use naturally derived ingredients