Fashion How-To Guide: Layering Jewelry


Khai Pearl Biwa Fresh Water Pearls Bracelet and Necklace Set with Beads (₱499.75)

Fashion is all about exploration. Discovering your style and taste will require a bit of courage and a whole lot of experimentation. One thing often overlooked when creating one’s personal style is accessories. You may already have a jewelry trove but have no idea how to maximize them.

 Layering jewelry is one way to add dimension and character to a basic number like a plain shirt and jeans. It can also elevate any formal ensemble. This how-to guide makes layering simple and includes a few examples using Philippine jewelry. Today, open up yourself to discover the power of successfully layering accessories to infuse your personality into any outfit.

Achieve Visual Balance

Visual balance in art or design is defined as “the positioning and proportion of elements in a design as they relate to each other and also to the entire design space.” Applying it to the art of layering jewelry simply means distributing weight clearly and with an eye for balance. 

For example, try stacking necklaces with pendants by putting the largest ones at the bottom and smaller pieces at the top. This arrangement creates balance between the necklaces by not letting the large pendant weigh down the small ones. It’s also more comfortable to look at.

Creating A Theme

Picking out what pieces go together may be daunting for beginners. So, it’s ideal to start with choosing a theme for your jewelry ensemble. Don’t choose pieces that look the same. Pick ones with a common aesthetic. You can go for chains, gemstones, or pearls and have all these elements applied to your earrings, necklaces, and bracelet. This is also applicable for vintage jewelry or modern pieces.

If you’re still unsure how to do it, you can style using a color palette and minimal accessories. Have a go at this perfect accessory number for your beach attire: Pair the Acrylic Earrings in Beige (₱299.75) with these stacked pieces of the Marbled Beads Charm Bracelet (₱299.75) and the Tropiko Women's White Stone Bracelet (₱149.75).

fashion-how-to-guide-layering-philippine-jewelry fashion-how-to-guide-layering-philippine-jewelry fashion-how-to-guide-layering-philippine-jewelry

Mix and Match Different Styles

Another helpful layering tip is focusing on contrast. Contrasting jewelry breaks monotony and creates a more uniquely personalized look. This is ideal for those who want to go bold with their accessories. 

You can take pieces made from different materials such as metals and leather and layer them together. Challenge yourself to experiment using necklaces with diverse shapes and lengths. Also, using different chain types for your neckpieces can prevent them from being tangled together.

For example, try layering this Gold Charm Gemstone Bracelet (₱2,499.75) with wrap bracelets made from faux leather. They look plain when used separately, but together, they have character and depth.

You can stick to the same material, like pearls, but mix and match their lengths and sizes. For instance, you can layer the Classic Matinee Length Pearl Necklace (₱1,999.75) with the Biwa Freshwater Pearl Pendant (₱149.75).

fashion-how-to-guide-layering-philippine-jewelry fashion-how-to-guide-layering-philippine-jewelry

Have a Jewelry Centerpiece

This is the easiest way to begin layering. Pick a central piece from your jewelry collection and build from there. A jewelry designer emphasized three main points when layering: “shape, length, and variety.” Remember these three, and you’ll be an expert in stacking accessories in no time.

Varying layers of jewelry can transform a simple number into a bold fashion statement. Honing your skills in layering jewelry necessitates practice and time, but it is achievable. Unearth one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces online that can be helpful for your layering experimentation.

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