Essential Health and Wellness Tips for 2022


A new year is here and, with it, a new beginning. By this time, you may have reviewed your past year and taken note of things you may want to change. It’s a chance to be a healthier version of ourselves. 

With the pandemic, health and wellness have become everyone’s top priority. Many realized taking care of one’s health reaps wonders. Some have even started to be more mindful of their emotional, physical, and mental health. But, we all know nothing comes easy. Living healthy is easier said than done, especially if you are unsure where to begin. 

Need help on kickstarting the year? It’s not too late! Read on below to learn more about how you can live a healthier life this 2022:

Eating healthy

Living healthy starts with what we eat. This includes what we take for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in-between. Although it’s challenging to stay away from junk food, all you need is determination. Remind yourself that your body deserves the best. Go for healthier options like Sabanana Banana Chips Lite (P179.25), Skinless Pili Nuts (P399.75), or Squash and Cheese Veggie Crisps (P129.00). 

You can also pair your yummy snacks up with a healthy and calming beverage. A glass of Philippine Lemongrass Tea (P189.00) can do the trick! These can have positive effects if you adopt them into your everyday life.

Destressing your mind

Wellness is a matter of being of sound body and mind. However, taking good care of your mental health depends on your personal taste and lifestyle. For example, those who love to do aromatherapy after a lousy day at work can enjoy using the Atin Reed Diffuser (P799.00). It uses marine and white jasmine notes, a combination that makes you nostalgic of the sea! 

If you aren’t into immersive scent relaxation, perhaps a bit of chocolate and coffee might suit you best. “But isn’t chocolate unhealthy?” Perhaps, but not dark chocolate. Numerous studies have confirmed that they are loaded with antioxidants and can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Check out the award-winning chocolate from Davao, the Malagos 72% Dark Chocolate (P249.00), and pair it with a delicious steaming hot cup of Barako Ground Coffee (P139.50). You deserve it for all the work you do!

Staying safe and sanitized

We can’t avoid going outside, but the least we can do is ensure we aren’t carriers of COVID-19. We can do this by following safety protocols, such as wearing face masks and practicing social distancing. Although wearing face masks doesn’t guarantee 100% protection, it is the best we’ve got apart from our vaccines and safety protocols. 

Ethnic Printed Reusable Masks Verinda Alcohol Holder with Bottle

Make it more fun to wear face masks with your family! Look at these gorgeous Ethnic Reusable Face Masks (P99.75), which are comfortably fit and can be used for double-masking! This goes along well with the Verinda Alcohol Holder Bottle (P99.00). Enjoy their beautiful offering of ethnic patterns and vibrant colors.

Skip on foreign products. You can also promote Filipino culture and locally-made products during this pandemic. Check out the Ylang-ylang Scented Hand Sanitizer from Tahanan for just P99.00. It’s affordable and also smells wonderful!

Committing to a healthier you

Your determination to be healthy matters. Create a routine that you can follow through and commit to. Remember that making a change doesn’t have to be a giant leap. Take it one small step at a time and be proud of your progress. And if you ever need accessories and related items to help you with this commitment, you only need to rely on Kultura Filipino’s online store. By supporting local, you’re contributing in your own small but meaningful way, and helping yourself and your fellow Filipinos.