Design Your Home With Native Decor

When it comes to decorating your home, there’s always that urge to make it as cozy as possible. The overall look of your living spaces, after all, can affect your daily mood. And finally, seeing it just how you envisioned it from the start is rewarding. 

Of course, designing a home comes with a lot of trial and error with both furniture and decor. There are times when the designs our minds imagine look different from reality. With this in mind, choosing a few essential decor accents and pieces for your home can help lessen the struggle.

If you’re going for homey, then nothing can go wrong with Philippine native decor from Kultura. Apart from being locally made, they provide a sense of belongingness and Filipino pride.

Mini Gold Tin Ornaments



Made to portray the famous Bahay Kubo, kalesa, and tricycle, these mini gold tin ornaments from Tahanan are carefully handcrafted by Filipino artisans. Their pronounced and eye-catching golden color make it great decor and accessories. Just make sure not to overdo it, as too much can be overwhelming.

Handwoven Inabel Sofa Throw



Locally made and handwoven by expert Ilocano artisans, this Inabel Sofa Throw is the perfect addition to any couch needing a bit of color and comfort. Each of these Beyond Borders items is unique, with the brand ensuring no two blankets are the same. And for only P 599.75, you can make your living room or entertainment area cozier.

Knitted Abaca Hamper

Knitted Abaca Hamper Knitted Abaca Hamper Knitted Abaca Hamper


Get this unique hamper from Tahanan and ensure your dirty laundry doesn’t have to be an unsightly view. Own this laundry organizer for only P1,199. It’s versatile enough to be used for storage and as a planter, too!

Carefully woven by Filipino artisans from Bicol, this knitted abaca hamper is a sight to behold. Despite it being lightweight, Abaca is a material prized for its excellent mechanical strength, making it sturdy, long-lasting and sustainable as well. 

Bread Basket

Bread Basket Bread Basket Bread Basket

Who knew bread baskets could look this good? This skillfully crafted organizer can add elegance to any dining table. Its handwoven abaca, neutral color with embroidered green leaf accents is a product of talented Filipino artists. 

Enjoy a hearty breakfast or merienda with this bread basket from Cris Cel Cor. For only P499.75, enjoy its combination of function and beauty in your dining area.

Handwoven Pandan Basket

Handwoven Pandan Basket Handwoven Pandan Basket Handwoven Pandan Basket

Don’t miss out on this beautiful handwoven round pandan bowl. With its handwoven base to and ceramic accents, this decor from Tahanan is one you can’t pass off. Enjoy this at home for only P349.75.

Kultura houses a lot of Pinoy products you’re sure to enjoy. Each one of these items is carefully curated and added to its wide selection of offerings.

Ready to add more Philippine native decor to your home? Head on straight to Kultura’s online store for a hassle-free and secure online shopping experience.