Creating a Beautiful Organized Kitchen Using Baskets

Any house transcends its physical structures once it becomes a home. They say it’s where the heart lies, and with many longing to go back at the end of a long day, this sentiment holds for most Filipinos. 

It’s a place where you settle down, recharge, and de-stress after the daily hustle and grind. Anyone would want to come home to a warm and inviting place, and for that reason, creating an organized home is most vital to enjoying your current living space.

When it comes to cleaning and organization, no room should be overlooked. Yet unfortunately, kitchens end up with the most mess because it is often used daily.

Reasons kitchens get the most clutter

Aside from the fact that all residents go in and out of the kitchen at different times, most people miss utilizing and improving storage areas. Nooks and crannies are especially ignored. And most often, countertops are left unattended, letting mail and other small items steadily pile up. With all these factors coming together, the result will be a messy kitchen area. 

Don’t worry! Cluttered kitchens have a chance to become an ideal part of the home by using storage baskets. You can use these versatile items to keep your kitchen organized and tidy. Get creative by adding a local flair to spruce up the so-called heart of any living space. Let your inner Marie Kondo shine, and change your kitchen to one that sparks joy for the whole family.

Tidy up your kitchen pantry, shelves, and cabinets

A great starting point to organize is the pantry, shelves, and cabinets. Visual clutter is most noticeable in these areas, especially if they’re an open design. Using uniform storage baskets creates a streamlined and clean look that ties up the whole space. Beginners can try out this simple idea. One of its advantages is that it’s easy to maintain and re-organize if needed.

Keep your small items in one place

Do small personal items always seem to get lost in the cluttered chaos of your kitchen? Stash them neatly in a basket. Baskets are lightweight and can be easily moved from one place to another. Do this, and you won’t have trouble locating valuables, whether it’s in the kitchen or other parts of your home.

Embrace a native-inspired kitchen interior

Being a country surrounded by the sea and enclosed in nature, most Filipinos are drawn to interior designs inspired by the relaxed ambiance of seaside homes and nature itself. It’s no surprise that the Boho-chic decor is in style these days.

Rattan baskets are the perfect decorative pieces to nail down your Bohemian or tropical-inspired kitchen interior. It’s also a great way to showcase the Philippine culture and artistry and integrate locally-made products into your home.

Achieving a beautiful home will require you to put some loving effort into all of its parts, leaving no corners neglected. Explore Kultura today and find new ways to elevate and create an inspired living space.