Crafts with a Heart

In this era of fast fashion, more and more products are ending up in landfills, many of which are made in unfair working conditions. If you’ve been trying to avoid contributing to this vicious cycle, one thing that helps is to be more conscious about shopping choices. 

Kultura’s special product line, Crafts for a Cause, aims to shine the spotlight on independent brands, cooperatives, and partner foundations who create meaningful goods while being mindful of people and the planet we live in. By choosing these sustainable, ethical crafts made by Filipino artisans, you support their livelihood and ultimately help uplift their lives. Here are some of the brands and partner foundations that make up our Crafts for a Cause: 

GIFTS & GRACES is a not-for-profit fair trade advocate driven towards bridging the gap between skilled but underserved communities all over the Philippines. With the intention of preserving culture and respecting heritage, they present us with beautiful gift-worthy items such as stylish bags made from upcycled fabric scraps and home décor featuring T’nalak weaves, and the T'boli dinner bells skillfully forged from upcycled found brass by T’boli artisans. 

Kultura Crafts for a Cause Collection - Gifts & Graces


BIDIBIDI is perhaps best known for its vibrant seagrass totes featuring raffia accents and crocheted flowers, but you’ll also be delighted to discover that their range of bags are made from upcycled and locally-sourced materials by the farmers-turned-off-season weavers of Buhi, Camarines Sur. Conscious about reducing waste, making the most of indigenous materials, and crafting each piece with care, Bidibidi hopes to offer mindful products that bring joy. 

Kultura Crafts for a Cause - BidiBidi


For beautiful gifts of faith, check out the rosaries and fashion accessories handcrafted from recycled paper by the women of the STO. ROSARIO MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVE. These ingenious accessories breathe new life into waste paper, advocating sustainability while providing livelihood opportunities to women in underserved communities. 

Kultura Crafts for a Cause - Sto. Rosario Multipurpose Cooperative


Tote bags always make practical and inexpensive gift ideas, and if you’re overwhelmed by all the choices out there, consider these bags by the women of SR. TERESA OF STO. NIÑO CENTER. This foundation helps indigent women by teaching them the craft of bag-making, so they can aid in supporting their families. And for every purchase of these bags, know that you are making a difference in the lives of these women and their loved ones.  

Kultura Crafts for a Cause - SR. TERESA OF STO. NIÑO CENTER


KAMAY KRAFTS is comprised of a group of about 100 women from depressed areas of Manila who have come together to earn a living. With deft skill and creativity, they turn humble recycled juice sachets and newspapers into quality handbags, lunch boxes, home décor, and exquisite accessories. Kultura is happy to provide a retail platform for these statement, conversation-piece crafts, which are some of the most requested pasalubong items. And through the work of their hands, they are able to provide for their families.

Kultura Crafts for a Cause - Kamay Krafts


As a Gawad Kalinga partner in social enterprise development, GKONOMICS INTERNATIONAL INC facilitates engagement of marginalized communities with entrepreneurs and partners. Through mentorship, networking, and connecting them with resources, GKONOMICS supports social entrepreneurs as they create a varied range of handcrafted products such as bags, totes, pouches, and key chains made from recycled plastic bags. 

Kultura Crafts for a Cause - GKONOMICS INTERNATIONAL


On a mission to create livelihood and entrepreneurship opportunities for underprivileged rural women with world-class talent, MGA LIKHA NI INAY, INC. presents lovely handicrafts, home accents, bags and accessories that are directly sourced from communities all over the Philippines.

Kultura Crafts for a Cause - Mga Likha ni Nanay


Months before Christmas, we are already besieged by orders for the bestselling foldable parols by the KABABAIHAN NG MAYNILA FOUNDATION. Handcrafted by women artisans in impoverished communities in the city of Manila, these festive parols beautifully adorn our homes for the holidays. And with its ingenious foldable design, it’s easy to store away, or pack as classic pasulubong for loved ones abroad missing home. 



Honoring the Filipino traits of resilience and resourcefulness, GTGB (Gifts That Give Back) Foundation is known for its unique bags and jewelry skillfully handcrafted from upcycled aluminum ring pull-tabs. Promoting environmental awareness and economic empowerment of the artisan women of Tondo, these amazing crafts not only add a unique touch to your OOTDs, but make a change for the better in the lives of the women that make them. Every time you choose them as souvenirs, they become gifts that give back, indeed.

This is just scratching the surface of the lovely range of Crafts for A Cause we carry at Kultura. In our mission to advocate responsible consumerism and sustainable livelihood, we are honored to partner with inspiring foundations committed to empowering underserved local artisans, most of whom are women working to support their families. Know that by supporting their beautiful and sustainable crafts, you are making a meaningful difference in the lives of fellow Filipinos. 

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