Beyond the Beach: Kultura's Handcrafted Bags for Every Adventure

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Looking for a new tote to take with you to the office? A new handbag for everyday errands, or one for the beach? Check out Kultura's collection of locally-made bags for women, featuring a range of styles and designs for all your upcoming adventures. 

Bags Built for The Beach

Looking for a lightweight beach bag? Our crochet tote bag makes a stylish, summer-ready option. Handwoven by local artisans, it comes in a neutral brown to easily match all your beach outfits. 

crochet tote bag

Make a statement with our vibrant Balud ethnic tote bag. Balud is a traditional handwoven textile from Mindanao, featuring wave-like patterns inspired by Lake Lanao. Complete with inside pockets and double handles for easy carrying, it's the perfect, proudly local beach bag. 

Balud ethnic tote bag

Travel Chic

The perfect travel bag for women should be stylish yet functional. And our ethnic-print book tote bag is exactly that! A longtime best-seller, this lightweight tote makes an easy overnight bag or spacious travel companion. 

ethnic-print book tote

If you’re always on the go, it’s best to keep a carry-all bag in your closet, just like our banig tote. Handwoven using tikog reeds, this bag is perfect as a quick trip carry-on. It’s lightweight, roomy enough to store all your travel essentials, and comes in bright blues to match the summer season!

banig tote

Everyday Elegance 

Elevate your everyday style with Kultura's handcrafted bags. These versatile pieces are perfect for work, casual outings, or more formal occasions.

When you're heading out for dinner or an evening celebration, you’ll need somewhere to keep your touch-up makeup and night-out essentials. Consider our Mother of Pearl shell beaded bag, available in black and gold. The perfect balance of trendy and classic, use it as a clutch or sling bag with its detachable chain. 

Mother of Pearl shell beaded bag

While buntal is typically used to craft hats, it's also a great material for bags. Fibers are extracted from the leaf stalks of buri palm trees, then handwoven into sturdy, polished accessories like this dual-toned buntal handbag with leather accents, ideal for dressier occasions or resort getaways.

buntal handbag

Kultura's handmade bags and purses are here to help you make a fashion statement. A versatile collection that features ethnic textures, vibrant summer colors, and elegant evening options, these bags mesh functionality with style. 

Choose your favorite handcrafted bag for the office, travel, beach, every day, and beyond. Visit Kultura Filipino stores, or shop stylish bags for women online at You can also send us a message and our personal shoppers will gladly assist you:

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