A Guide to Wearing a Barong on Formal Occasions

barong tagalog wedding

Always appropriate and elegant, the Barong is the go-to formalwear of every Filipino gentleman. Traditionally, Barongs are made of pina or pina silk handwoven into a translucent, lightweight fabric and  worn up to this day for important events like weddings, graduation, business functions, and Filipiniana-themed occasions.  

To make you stand out in an exquisite Barong Tagalog ensemble, we rounded up important tips  for wearing a barong:

1. Choose the right undershirt

Classic barongs are made with a sheer, translucent fabric which makes the undershirt a crucial part of a barong Tagalog outfit. Avoid wearing tank tops as an undershirt. Instead, wear a collarless camisa de chino that complements the color of your barong. Make sure it is fitted so that it doesn’t create any excess bulk underneath.

2. Select the perfect size and fit

Barong Tagalog for men should go down to your buttocks and the sleeves should reach your wrists. There must be at most one finger space allowance for the collar, while the back and chest should fit the body well without being too tight.

barong tagalog design

Men's Half-Button Raya Hand-Embroidered Pina Silk Barong

3. Choose the right pants, shoes, and accessories

Put your best foot forward by matching your barong with a pair of straight-cut or slim-fit black trousers or black pin-striped pants, black leather oxford lace-up shoes, and plain black socks. You can take on a more fashionable persona by pairing it with charcoal gray, brown, or beige slacks and dark brown monk strap shoes. Make your outfit more fun with colored or printed socks.

Add pearl or onyx cufflinks, a gold collar pin, and a high-end luxury watch to complete your barong Tagalog outfit. For weddings, avoid wearing a boutonniere as it can easily damage the barong.

Barong for weddings

Whether you’re the groom, one of the groomsmen, or a guest, wearing a barong Tagalog for weddings is the most popular choice for men. There are various barong fabrics to choose from such as silk cocoon and organdy but the most luxurious one would be pina or pina silk. 

Check out Kultura’s collection of authentic barong Tagalog for your upcoming wedding event! We carry timeless and modern barongs for men made from 100% natural materials with hand-embroidery design in front and at the back or even on the sleeves.

modern barong for men

Men's Half-Button Raya Embroidered Pina Silk Barong

Barong for Graduations

The barong Tagalog is a top choice during graduation rites. Most schools in the country require their graduating students to wear a barong in classic off-white, beige, or light beige colors with black pants.

Be proud of your academic achievement with a traditional barong for your graduation. Kultura’s barong collection has a wide range of barong outfit ideas for graduation attire. We have pina silk, silk cocoon, and organdy barongs with embroidered details and mandarin collars that are perfect for indoor and outdoor graduation ceremonies.

barong for graduation

Men's Raya Embroidered Pina Silk Barong

Barong for business events

When attending a business event that requires Filipiniana attire, you should wear a standard barong Tagalog with a traditional embroidered design. Don't go crazy with wild patterns or colored barongs. Wear a high-quality barong that fits you properly over a white or cream-colored undershirt.

Our elegant embroidered barong selection will have you looking and feeling your best at business functions. 

colored barong

Men's Half-Button Embroidered Pina Silk Barong

Barong for religious occasions

Colored barong Tagalog designs are a modern take on traditional Filipino attire. Consider wearing a blue, black, or brown patterned barong to formal religious events such as christenings and Flores de Mayo. Our collection of men’s barong features colorful choices with a touch of embroidery details that are proudly Filipino.

With numerous options from Kultura Filipino, you can pull off a traditional barong outfit for your important events with ease. Let Kultura help you find the perfect Filipino formal wear for your upcoming event. Shop now at kulturafilipino.com

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