7 Local Delicacies OFWs Love to Bring From The Philippines

Filipino native delicacies

Philippine food and delicacies are among the things that OFWs and balikbayans miss the most. From mouthwatering dried fruits and desserts to delectable tinapa and tuyo, OFWs always go out of  their way to find and savor   these amazing Filipino native delicacies once  they’re back home. 

Kultura Filipino rounded up some of the most missed native delicacies in the Philippines that every balikbayan should grab and bring back with them:

Philippine Dried Mangoes

Filipinos love a delicious mango, and what better way to taste the distinct sweetness of Philippine mangoes than a pack of dried mangoes! 

Dried mangoes are one of the most popular Philippine delicacies made from sun-dried slices of  mangoes typically grown in Cebu. It’s a naturally sweet and chewy treat that is sure to delight anyone’s taste buds. Dried mangoes with chocolate is another popular variety of this sweet treat that OFWs, tourists, and locals love.

Filipino delicacies pasalubong

7D Dried Mangoes Dark Chocolate Enrobed 80g

Pork Chicharon

Chicharon or pork skin cracklings are a staple Filipino snack commonly known as the perfect match with a beer at every Filipino party or feast. This flavorful and crunchy snack is boiled and deep-fried, which gives it the best crunch. Satisfy your cravings for these salty and crunchy cracklings even when you’re out of the country with our premium pork chicharon!

Banana Chips

Ever heard of sweet and crispy banana chips? If you haven't, banana chips are made from thinly sliced bananas deep-fried until golden brown. Here in the Philippines, it is sweetened to taste with different flavors sometimes added. The best way to enjoy the ever-mouthwatering banana chips from the Philippines is to share them with everyone abroad! 

native delicacies in the Philippines

Banana Chips Lite Sweet Original Flavor

Tablea Chocolate

A breakfast tablea chocolate is the usual go-to hot drink for most Filipinos, which is why it is one of the most popular Filipino delicacies. Tablea chocolate is known for its rich flavor using cacao grown in Davao which is sure to satisfy your cravings for something sweet from home. It could also be a great way to share the unique flavors of the Philippines with your loved ones abroad who also miss the country!

Barako Blend Coffee

A classic favorite for every coffee-loving Pinoy, the Barako blend coffee is made with a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, resulting in a strong and flavorful cup of coffee. If you are like most of us who can't live a day without a daily dose of caffeine, Barako coffee’s deep, robust  flavors will wake you up and energize you for the day. 

Barako blend coffee

Gourmet Farms Batangas Barako Drip Coffee

Gourmet Tinapa and Gourmet Tuyo

Filipino breakfast is not complete without the tasty yet pungent tinapa (smoked fish) and tuyo (salted dried fish). These dishes are usually eaten with garlic fried rice and vinegar dip. Most Filipinos abroad miss these salty  fish dishes but frying them can leave you with a fishy odor in your kitchen. 

With Kultura’s convenient bottled and seasoned gourmet tinapa and tuyo, you won’t have to deal with that issue and can easily elevate your Filipino-style breakfast even  overseas! Take one or two bottles of Artisinal Tinapa and Tuyo in oil and spices and savor a taste of home anytime.

Ube Jam 

Sweet purple yam or ube is commonly used for dessert in Filipino cuisine. It can also be spread on toast as a jam for breakfast or a snack. Ube jams are easily available in the market but Filipinos love artisanal and organic fruit jams like Ube Coco Jam from Henry's Harvest for an extra special treat.

There are so many amazing Philippine delicacies that spark the fondest memories of home. So whenever you are in the country, make sure to shop for your favorite Filipino food, and if you will, you can hoard a few items to pack in your luggage before you go back abroad!

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