5 Filipino Pasalubong Ideas to Bring Abroad

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Souvenirs is a time-honored tradition for every Filipino. Balikbayans, OFWs, and returning travelers often bring pasalubong from the Philippines for their loved ones back home. . Luckily, Kultura has all the Filipino souvenirs you need, with a great selection of locally made and sourced products—from t-shirts to delicacies 

Here are five Filipino souvenir ideas you may want to pack in your bags before you leave:

1. Novelties 

Don’t leave the Philippines without a bunch of novelty items as souvenirs for your colleagues abroad. Many Filipino-made products  make great  pasalubong gifts like souvenir keychains, toys, and jeepneys. 

Take for example our premium Model Jeepney, a miniature replica of a cultural symbol that perfectly captures the vibrant spirit of Manila! You can also grab Filipino toys and games like sungka so you can relive fun childhood memories from miles away.

2. Souvenir T-shirts

Graphic T-shirts inspired by popular travel destinations are another classic pasalubong from the  Philippines. This handpainted t-shirt proudly illustrates the iconic  Filipino jeepney and calesa design. Wear a Philippine-made souvenir shirt to bring fun memories of the mother land  with you even when you're away from home.


3. Dried Mangoes

One of the best Filipino delicacies you must buy is the famous Philippine dried mangoes. Buy as many mangoes as you can, as they are quite popular in souvenir shops. You can also get the premium dried mango with chocolate from Kultura shops—a fun twist to this sweet treat!

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7D Dried Mangoes Dark Chocolate Enrobed 80g

4. Philippine Coffee Beans

The Philippines is known for its variety of delicious specialty coffee beans hailing from different regions in the country. If you want something intense with a strong aroma, Batangas’ Barako coffee will chase your jetlag away. Benguet's Civet Coffee is perfect for an exotic morning coffee fix, with its mild flavor and pleasant scent.


5. Local Chocolates

With a bustling cacao industry, local chocolate brands in the Philippines are among the best chocolates in the world. Believe us when we say Filipino chocolates made in Davao will be your favorite pasalubong once you taste how good they are!

Kultura provides delicious Filipino chocolates for you to enjoy wherever you are, from tsokolate tablea to award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate like Malagos!


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