10 Travel-Friendly Pasalubong Ideas For OFWs on Vacation

Travel Friendly

Are you visiting the Philippines for a well-deserved vacation? Whether you’re a hardworking OFW or a balikbayan, these 10 travel-friendly pasalubong ideas are for you!

These souvenirs capture the essence of home and are easy to pack, making them ideal gifts for sharing with loved ones abroad. From savory native delicacies to charming Philippine souvenir items, we have a list of tasty and meaningful pasalubongs to remind you of our culture and flavors!

1. Cebu Best Dried Mangoes

Cebu Best Dried Mangoes

Premium dried mangoes sourced directly from Cebu are the perfect Filipino food delicacy to bring as pasalubong. Loved for their rich, sweet flavor, these cult-favorite snacks can be enjoyed on their own, added to charcuterie boards, or gifted to loved ones missing the taste of home. Share the authentic taste of Cebu with these delicious and travel-friendly treats.

2. Auro Plant-based Chocolates

Auro Plant-based Chocolates

Experience your favorite Filipino flavors with Auro’s Plant-based Chocolates Collection! This assortment of Philippine delicacies includes Cashew Dulce (Roasted White Chocolate with Cashew), Calamansi Cheesecake (34% Calamansi White Chocolate with Spiced Cookies), Salted Peanut (47% Milk Chocolate with Salted Peanut), and Mocha Crunch (55% Dark Chocolate with Arabica Coffee). 

Savor the tropical taste of these unique, plant-based chocolates that celebrate the Philippines' rich and diverse culinary heritage. Perfect for indulging or sharing as a delightful pasalubong.

3. KangKong King Water Spinach Chips

KangKong King Water Spinach Chips

Discover the delicious crunch of KangKong King Water Spinach Chips, a delightful Filipino delicacy pasalubong. Made from 100% real KangKong leaves and cooked with coconut oil, these gluten-free chips offer a unique, crispy snack experience. Enjoy a variety of flavors: Sour Cream, Original, BBQ, Salted Egg, and Spicy. 

4. Ginga Ginger Pure Tea Brew

Ginga Ginger Pure Tea Brew

Enjoy the simple, refreshing taste of Ginga Ginger Pure Tea Brew, one of the traditional Filipino drinks. Made with pure ginger extract, this tea highlights ginger's well-known aroma and herbal benefits. Each Ginga Ginger Pure box contains 12 tea bags, making it an ideal choice for a soothing and healthful beverage.

5. Benguet Gold Whole Beans Coffee

Benguet Gold Whole Beans Coffee

Benguet Gold Whole Beans Coffee, a perfect OFW pasalubong, comes in a 250-gram pack of house blend medium roast beans. Known for its rich and smooth taste, this coffee boasts a strong, distinctive, fresh flavor that will surely wake you up. Ideal for sharing a taste of home with loved ones abroad, it captures the essence of premium Filipino coffee from Benguet.

6. Chocolea Choco Drink Mix With Coconut Sugar

Chocolea Choco Drink Mix With Coconut Sugar

Discover the indulgence of Chocolea Choco Drink Mix with Coconut Sugar. Crafted with single-origin cocoa, this unique chocolate mix is the first to be infused with natural coconut sugar for a rich, smooth taste. Perfect for any time of day, it can be enjoyed as a hot or cold drink. 

7. Philippine Jeepney Model

Philippine Jeepney Model

The Philippine Jeepney Model, a die-cast metal replica of the iconic vehicle, comes in vibrant assorted designs. With functional wheels, it's an engaging toy and a thoughtful pasalubong. Celebrate Filipino heritage by gifting this colorful model, perfect for bringing a piece of the Philippines to friends and family abroad.

8. Hand-Carved Wooden Carabao

Hand-Carved Wooden Carabao

Add a touch of Filipino craftsmanship to your home with the Hand-Carved Wooden Carabao, available in large, medium, and small. This unique piece can serve as a meaningful souvenir or stylish home decor. Each carabao is hand-carved in the Philippines, reflecting the artistry and heritage of Filipino artisans.

9. Bamboo Thermos with Stainless lid

Bamboo Thermos with Stainless lid

Stay sustainable with our Stainless Bamboo Thermos! Featuring sustainably sourced bamboo and stainless steel, this thermos bottle is designed for eco-conscious adventurers. Whether on the go or just enjoying a day out, this tumbler is a great choice for keeping your drinks fresh and your environmental footprint low.

10. Athleisure Wear

Kultura Filipino - Athleisure Wear

Kultura Filipino - Athleisure Wear green
Kultura athleisure wear 3

Carry the country's pride with Kultura’s collection of athleisure wear! From comfy hoodie jackets to zip-up jackets and knitted sweatshirts showcasing Philippine symbols, this souvenir clothing is a stylish and meaningful way to represent your heritage and love for the Philippines! Choose from our range of colors, designs, and sizes! 

Pasalubong from the Philippines embodies heartfelt connections and cultural pride. By choosing travel-friendly options, you can easily share a piece of home. For more Philippine delicacies, collectibles, and clothes for souvenirs, visit Kultura stores, or shop online at kulturafilipino.com. You can also send us a message and our personal shoppers will gladly assist you:

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